Saturday , October 16 2021

The market “weighs” the data of capital increase

The “battle” at the level of 870 points is given by its General Index Athens Stock Exchange, under the weight of liquidations, which focus on its share Checkpoint. The general price index at 14:45 was formed at 868.73 points, recording a decline of 2.03%, while the value of transactions amounted to 65.26 million euros.

The market “weighs” the data after its announcement increase of the authorized capital Checkpoint.

At noon the share price of the Company was formed by Fr. 8 euros (-11.3%) with a transaction value of 23.6 million euros – about a third of ATHEX’s turnover until then. The market is trying to decipher its intentions ΤΑΙΠΕΔ and him Superfund about their participation in the future increase of the share capital so that it could calculate the price at which it will happen.

His information report that the implementation of the AISW will be in the range from 6.5 euros to 8.6 euros.

It is noted that today’s meeting is the ninth down PPC share, which decreased, despite the positive news about the super deal for the sale of HEDNO Macquarie at a price of 2.1 billion for 49% of the grid operator.

Image on the ATHEX information panel

The high capitalization index decreased by 2.18%, while the medium capitalization index decreased by 0.82%. On the contrary, the largest decline was recorded by shares of PPC (-11.31%), OPAP (-3.60%), GEK TERNA (-3.47%), Mytilineos (-2.83%), IPTO (-2.04%). ) and Terna Energy (-2.03%).

All sub-indices are declining, and the largest losses are registered by the indices of utilities (-6.00%), travel (-3.26%) and construction (-2.50%).

The largest trading volume was represented by Eurobank and Alfa-Bank with 4,872,492 and 3,479,834 shares, respectively.

The highest transaction value was recorded by PPC with 23,640 million euros and Mytilineos with 4,532 million euros.

18 shares increased, 97 – decreased, and 10 – real estate.

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