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The winner of this year's Survivor |


After the last six months of difficulty, difficult racing on the battlefields and difficult moments in San Domenico, it's time to become the big winner of this year's Survivor.

The evening of the Greek finals proved to be rather difficult for the leader of Sakis Taniamondis, who, from the very first moment, was upset when he finally graduated with two different titles in two different countries on two different channels.

As expected, there were some problems in the final, sometimes with non-working microphones, and sometimes with frequent breaks for ads that required proper synchronization, but eventually the result was justified by both the Turks and the Greeks.

It should be noted that this evening was the final for the Greeks, but not for Turkish players, as the Turkish spectators watched the semifinals.

After the announcement of the vote of the Greek spectators, Nikos Cosmas and h Venus Scafida refused to receive a large prize of 100,000 euros, and viewers were invited to highlight the great winner of this year's finals of Greece, Dimitri Vavoukas and Katerina Dalak.

Thus, the great finale turned into a women's affair. What was a great winner? See the gallery below and the video with the announcement of the result!

An announcement as shown on Sky TV.

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