Sunday , January 24 2021

Tsipras said many mistakes to become a First Minister – Newsbeast

Under the Greek budget, a pension issue, the head of the CR must be assessed European People Party in the European Parliament and a central party candidate for the European elections, Manfred Weber.

The First Minister called Alexis Tsipras to tell Italy "openly and honestly" his view that "South Europe's achievements are at risk of the attitude of Italy." He also called for the smallest countries in the Eurozone to learn the problems of others.

The question of not breaking pensions "we need to look at it in detail, how it fits with economic figures and a Greek budget. Discussions about this are in progress, and that's why we need to look directly at it within the budget, "said Mr Weber at a press conference earlier this morning in Berlin.

The German Christian Socialist (CSU) also emphasized that an example of southern Europe and the North-South conflict should make it clear that we need to see other problems. "The lesson that Germans, the Netherlands, the Austrians, Finland must take out of the euro crisis is that we have to see the problems of others. In Greece, we have youth unemployment and this should not leave German, Finnish, Austrian, unfavorable Dutch, not having a younger generation perspective in the future, "said Mr. Weber and definitely welcome the agreement on the investment program between Germany and France, which started by Emmanuel Makron. "For me it was important that it would evolve within the European budget framework, as this would ensure democratic structures. But we need positive images, invest in infrastructure, the future of the continent. This is the right way , "he added.

Challenges in the South continue to exist, said Mr Weber, but said he was optimistic and stressed that people across the continent were eager to get messages that we would go out of the rhetoric of the crisis during the last 10-15 years and we will finally bring optimism and positive messages for the future. "And Greece is an example, with many difficulties – because Mr Tsipras has taken a difficult way, I should say carefully," but at least now the country has come out of. program and goes on independently. And then with a new government – the election will take place some time next year in Greece – it can create hope for the future, renewal, climate of positive investment. I believe that we can only win the people with optimism, "he said, referring to his recent visit to Athens and meeting President of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who, who said, is discuss how to happen and in Greece, the election campaign of the European elections.

Responding to a question about his recent statement, as mentioned by the RES, calling on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as well as the Spanish and Portuguese Prime Ministers to speak to the Italian government about its attitude and impact on their countries, Manfred Weber said: "I would be seeing the First Minister of Greece as someone who has gone through a lot of confusing and presented many mistakes to voters to become a prime minister and, when he came into force, saw anyone else alternative to a partnership, to act jointly and to operate a partnership with member states and the euro. "

In this sense, he continued, Alexis Tsipras "lived, as I said, many shifts in his government's term, but at the end he was also a reliable partner. And that is what he has to do we have said it clearly, that it has implemented the program as a final and operational. "One of the main issues of Greece, the EPP candidate, said that" this way is going to continue, that is, it means that the program period has terminated officially, but the execution of the revisions has not yet expired. " He added that he would like to see a new government in Greece, "in favor of a more open attitude to international investors." That is why we fight before an election, he added, adding "one must respect the fact that the First Minister is doing this time and Mr. Tsipras must think of his country of how it is set opposite Italy. He must tell Italy in good faith and openly that the successes that we now see in southern Europe – and investments and jobs created – are at risk of Italian behavior. In this sense, I would like many more to express their self-esteem openly, "he came to the conclusion.

He was asked to identify himself in terms of his economic and social and non-liberal views, Mr Weber emphasized that he was a Christian communist and he was particularly concerned about how we can maintain society's cohesion during There is globalization and the digital economy. There he admitted, "my party needs a new solution in terms of the social model." However, he said at the same time, and convinced that we needed the markets, we have to have the courage of the market – the internal market, free trade agreements – to continue financially successfully.

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