Saturday , July 24 2021

Turkey: Erdogan Arrests Admirals – Inspirer of “Blue Homeland”

IN arrest with Jem Gurdens and at least nine more retired admirals lasted Monday morning Turkish police, after criticism joint statement sent over the weekend by 103 of his veterans fleet, indirectly criticizing the penetration of Islam into the ranks of the Turkish armed forces.

Arrest news Gurdens The opposition newspaper Kumhuriyet broadcasts on its website and confirms this in a Twitter post by his wife Rengin Gurdeniz, who said police entered their home shortly before 6.30am. and arrested her husband.

Among them was Gurdeniz 103 retired admirals who signed a joint statement asking the government not to touch the Treaty of Montreux, and not to deviate from the fundamental principles of the Kemalist state.

Gurdeniz is considered a theorist of her teachings “Blue Motherland”. He first referred to the concept of the “Blue Homeland” in 2006, presenting and analyzing his theory in his book of the same name (“Mavi Vatan”), which presents Turkey’s claims to the Aegean and Mediterranean seas in order to become a navy.

In fact, according to the Turkish newspaper, at least nine other retired admirals have been arrested, a total of ten arrest warrants. At the same time, a search was launched in their homes while they were still being summoned to testify four admirals.

At midnight on Saturday, 103 retired admirals, including Gurdens, published a statement citing pronunciation, which they condemned the “Islamization” of Russia Turkish Armed Forces and the recent public debate on Turkey’s withdrawal from Russia Montreux Treaty for the duct.

The letter caused a stir in the Ankara Presidential Palace, which led to an extraordinary government meeting, as well as the convening of the ruling Central Committee of the Justice and Development Party with a single topic of discussion of the announcement of admirals.

It immediately became known that Ankara Prosecutor’s Office ordered an investigation into the case, and according to Turkish media on Sunday, the names of the retired admirals who led the preparation of the statement have been established and are expected to be summoned for questioning.

In an interview with Kumhuriyet on Sunday, Gurteniz said he was too big a mistake that it was interpreted Joint Declaration 104 as a “call for a coup d’etat”.

“We were imprisoned for conspiring with his organization Fethullah Gulen“He said.” Our goal is to protect the Blue Motherland. The text of the declaration should be assessed in the context of freedom of expression. We have departed from the interests of the Blue Motherland. “Our statement was made in order to protect the interests of Turkey and the Blue Motherland.”

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