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What is European Emergency Number 112 – How It Will Change Our Life (pic + vid)


Today, the first pilot operation of the 112 Emergency System is expected to take place at the GS Coordination Center. Civil protection, but will fully function at the end of 2019.

The Secretary-General for Civil Protection, Nicos Hardalyas, told ERT that at 10:30 this morning, the first major test of the pan-European emergency number 112 would be "that what is obvious, useful and can save lives in a short time, to become a reality. "Interior Minister Takis Theodorakos also stressed that" the digital policy minister has already intervened, the tests will be made on the eve of the day, and I think that it is taking place in orbit to start functioning properly. "

Why 112 is useful

112 emergency calls are instantly answered to 112 Greek, English and French.

The call is 112 free and can be made from a fixed or mobile phone (even without a SIM card)

Call 112 can also be made from phone booths without a phone call.

Number 112 is within the range any mobile network. If the event zone is not covered by the mobile network, call 112 is via other mobile networks that cover this area (national and international roaming service).

Call 112 provides an option subscriber location.

The competent authority for the functioning of 112 in Greece is the General Secretariat for Civil Protection of the Ministry of Public Order and Protection of Citizens.

Thus, we perceive that we call 112 in extraordinary circumstances requiring immediate assistance. When we are faced with a car accident, wounding a child in a school yard, an earthquake when a child is lost when we understand that someone has a stroke and should be taken directly to the hospital when a climber was lost. or when we do not know how to manage a child who is experiencing epileptic seizures.

112 information en gr teliko

This is the only call number that comes to the call center, which, depending on the emergency, sends a call to the competent authority – whether it's police, fire department, or EKAB, or a smile of a child, or an agency of European losses. children The Greek countryside is supported in Greek, English and French, while you can find the right person as if it had a GPS call. For this reason, it was particularly useful in cases of loss of climbers, and 112 were quickly detected by volunteers, rescuers and fire brigades.

See HERE for 112 numbers in the countries of the European Union

Again, Mr. Silolakis at the early Open exhibition, he referred to the SMS early warning system, stressing that it is "paradoxical that one year after the tragedy in Mati continue not to work." Asked whether it is a data protection authority, Mr Silolakis claims that the head of the administration made it clear that they did not oppose an emergency in order to inform citizens in the region at risk. He also notes that even such obstacles can be solved by accessing the citizens themselves to the Administration for information in case of danger. Even for tourists, they can get messages after arriving in Greece if they want to be informed by the official body in case of danger.


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