There are not many major events in the international preferences. Apart from the disorganized situation preliminary to the Hong Kong Cup, the other two previous programs have their own focus. I think it's not easy to get an unpopular result. Since last year, Yoda's brother[馬場USB]The show indicated that Hong Kong's peak horses are not rising, especially the performance of the large motorcycle the performance of the last season was a watermelon, only Ma Wang[美麗傳承]o

As one day, supreme, medium distance[明月千里]The situation is quite serious. Fortunately, the foreign team that has joined the international competition has not seen a clear generation. The strength has caused Hong Kong Ma Wei to be at an average disadvantage. After publishing the list next Wednesday. We will invest fully in the analysis and hope we can help you win something in the international competition.

This time, "Eczema Dog Gallbladder"[協霸神駒]The king of Brazil's horse has a tendency in both terms. After the first time, he tried to test the horse before the last time. After Baji took over, he organized a test gate. The early stage was generally but the last three percent was the acceleration. The trend is not bad. In fact, both paths are not the same. When I went to Hong Kong, I earned two thousand. The current increase of 1,000 to be more profitable.[翠龍]Too much is not worth fighting, otherwise[協霸神駒]This season has aimed at a four year old horse series. It's easy to use early enough to win the game.[協覇神駒]Powerful to act as a great murderer horse here!

In the end, Raytheon returned to this game to catch the bad horse. In particular, Cai John had more horses to take over the wind. I believe that the number of times is inevitable. At present, driver conflicts are falling from 2.2 times to 1.8 times. A note is awkward!

Epilepsy horse gallbladder fifth field 6 hegemony society

Evangelical Cavalier King 2 Moreira

(Information Department 18/11/2018)

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