Monday , August 2 2021

Collateral imports are difficult! Uniquely breakdown for cost-effective glossary series Licensed honors news – ePrice.HK mobile version

And indeed, the Huawei & Mate series seems to be very attractive, but in fact, the cost-effective series of Huawei – Honor Honor appears to be more netizens, but unfortunately, & # 39; The Honor series has launched licensed goods in Hong Kong over time, if you want to start parallel Imports is the only way. However, the wind moderator, the Honor series finally decided to launch in Hong Kong, the text will probably tell you for a few minutes.

Collateral imports are difficult! Uniquely breaks down for a cost-effective glossary series of licensed honors News

The moderator received the wind, and the Huawei Honor series, which has only parallel imports, is likely to hit Hong Kong in December. If there is a licensed product, it may not be possible to buy parallel imports. This situation can be a threat to the parallel shop. Is it good? Bad things? It's very hard. If the Honor is out of stock, and would you like to launch a side phone in Hong Kong? Here you can vote for youCollateral imports are difficult! Uniquely breaks down for a cost-effective glossary series of licensed honors News

The honor series Huawei, Honor, has always been selling cost-effective, and it will not be cheaper, the quality will be reduced, so many times many servants can take advantage of the Honor series phones. Just like the Note 10 Honors that was launched three months ago, the moderators heard that the parallel imports were very good, and there are 6.95 and large and major birds. Although Section K uses the latest Kirin 980, the general machine really plays. After calculating enough, then 5000mAh large power burial, hardware is good. At the time, some netizens even used the channel compared to the millet Max 3, and they believed that Honor Note 10 was much more attractive.

Zhong Youzhong, the latest microphone Xiaomi, has published MIX 3, the slip mobile phone millet, Huawei Honor has a mobile phone design – Honor Magic 2, in fact, the series is really Honor against the millet, after hitting Play the price and talk about quality. The Honor series was launched in Hong Kong. To some extent, it can be said that it is the consumer's gospel. Do you agree?

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