Saturday , October 16 2021

European natural gas prices indicate that Russia and the United States question the reliability of pressure on the “Beixi Line 2” on the IEA to increase the supply certificate-20210922-Ming-Pao International News Network

  1. European natural gas prices point to Russia, the United States questioned the pressure of the IEA “Beixi Line 2” to increase the reliability of the Russian certificate of supply-20210922-InternationalMing Pao News Network
  2. Rising natural gas prices lead to plants shutting down production in the UK within two weeks or facing food shortages-International-News-Headline DailyHeadline daily
  3. The first report on the US international financial and economic stock indexChinese TV news CH52
  4. High gas prices in Europe are causing a chain reactionMing Pao News Network
  5. Rising natural gas prices encourage Beixi Second to earn as soon as possible?Yahoo Stock Market
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