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Another drama, the Germans have been delighted with the final of four of France

Finally but not least, the Dutch national team came to the end of the next National Football League final in Portugal, finishing in Group A for the last game of Group A in the last five minutes with 2 goals in the German town to 2 -2, without surviving French.

The Netherlands finalized the fourth final in the 91 minutes (Photograph: AFP)


The League of Nations
Germany-Netherlands 2-2 (Werner 9, L. Sané 20, ac Promes 85, Van Dijk 91)


It was decided earlier that a Portuguese national team to go to the first round of the League of Nations, and even to do so in Portugal.

On Saturday he was a translator against the Croats British, as well as against the Belgian, who was in a state of deserving (0-2 at least four goals in the first place, eventually she was over, and even the fifth hit!) Switzerland He could join the "four" field.

Fourth century was the French and Dutch global champion of this year, and the German language was the German World Champion in 2014. The formula was simple enough: if the Germans were back then The French will be happy if the Dutch score points, they are.

Sané increased Germany's advantage in the 20th minute, but it was too small (Photograph: AFP)


In the game, the Germans stepped well, against the end Werner In the 9 minutes, the right hand corner was 22 meters (1-0). With some transformation, the guests can not even touch their opponents when it came to another fast collision can he saw line 16 in the lower left (2-0).

Timo Werner, RB Leipzig attacker, broke a long line of untreated strike after 751 minutes in the league again.

The Dutch darts were not lucky in the first half – Raymond van Barneveld's news news has announced his retirement.

Dartsnieuws on Twitter

Photograph: Van Gerwen, Van Barneveld and Van der Voort gespot bij Duitsland – Nederland

In the 34 minutes, Süle made a little crew for Neuert, blindly placed his head in the left hand, almost assured.

Although Schulz left the ball, Gnabry was in danger, but the head injured on the left side of the goal.

Aims for the first half

Ronald Koeman was trying to shake off his co-team with Hertha BSC during the break, which could almost reach another goal after starting the middle field. At home, Werner defeated the shoot of Cillessen.

The 56 minutes had to wait for the first shot by the Dutch goalkeeper, but Promes's long attempt had not been a problem for Neuer.

After an hour of play, Werner jumped out and crossed the front door to close his own game, Reus standing in his place. Not late, Thomas Müller, who celebrated his 100th anniversary, came into the accommodation – Dilrosun came down to the guests at the same time, who could not continue because of injury.

Müller is the 15th German player with the 100-round qualifier

David tried to break the ice in the ship, but he could not shoot Neuer's leg in the short corner.

The Germans could win the game by then, but the black cushion came to them.

The 85 minutes are a good action point Promes Turn from 17 meters to shoot on the left (2-1).

After that, Kehrer was in a great position, so the Dutch hopes were continuing, and if that had happened, yes Dijk in the seconds of overlap (2-2). So the Netherlands can prepare for the next four of June!

The dramatic integration was not only bad for the Germans, but also to the French in the second place …

During the history of the German team, this is the second time in five consecutive wins, the negative record for the sixth series of 1978-1979. For the first time since the 1993 World Cup qualification in England, the Netherlands have been extended with two disadvantages of two goals.

Dutch dramatic to go

Thursday, September 6th
Germany-France 0-0
September 9, Sunday
France-Holland 2-1
October 13, Saturday
The Netherlands-Germany 3-0
October 16, Tuesday
France-Germany 2-1
November 16, Friday
Netherlands-France 2-0

1. The Netherlands 4 2 1 1 8-4 4 7
2. France 4 2 1 1 4-4 0 7
3. Germany 4 – – 2 2 3-7 -4 2

Switzerland-Belgium 5-2 (R. Rodriguez or 26 i 11, Seferovic 31, 44, 84, Elvis 62, to Th. Hazard 2, 17)

1. Switzerland 4 3 – – 1 14- 5 9 9
2. Belgium 4 3 – – 1 9- 6 3 9
3. Iceland 4 – – – – 4 1-13 -12 0

November 20, Tuesday
20.45: Portugal-Poland

1. Portugal 3
2 1
– – 4-2 +2 7
2. Italy 4 1 2 1 2-2 0 5
3. Poland 3 – – 1 2 3-5 -2 1

England-Croatia 2-1
(Lingard 78, Kane 85 a Kramaric 57)

1. England 4 2 1 1 6- 5 +1 7
2. Spain 4 2 – – 2 12-7 5 6
3. Croatia 4 1 1 2 4-10 -6 4

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