Friday , July 30 2021

Djokovic said the bankruptcy at the most important time

The end of the London strike: it was inevitable that Novak Djokovic did not know what to do with Alexander Zverev's clever, correct, tennis tennis. The 21-year-old German career has so far beaten the first ATP at 6: 4, 6: 3 in 1 hour 18 minutes and became a master in 2018. He had a check for 2 million of 509,000 dollars.

Last Sunday, Novak Djokovic played four games in London at the ATP World Championships, without finishing the game. No-one was able to beat Belgium, with only one player against him: Alexander Zverev, but also lost 6: 4, 6: 1.

The 31-year-old Pete Sampras held in the 2018 Grand Slam (14) and became the world leader of tennis history in the oldest. He has been in the series for the final finals of the ATP since 2012 – it did not start last season. The last time he won in 2015, because in 2016, when he was the world leader, he lost to Andy Murray, practically after that, he started down the slope and he wet for a year and a half, looking for the way back to the light.

Before we remember the details of the individual final, let's note that in the doubling final Mike Bryan was 40 at 40. The king of the genre is about to lose his steady partner, two wife Bob, who suffered severe acne in March in May. Too forty, he could have relaxed a bit, but he joined Jack Sock who won Wimbledon and then the USA. They did not slow down. They knew that their last tournament was London, because Mike will start with his brother again this season.

In the third round of the group's lap, they were beaten by the best French players, but they had the opportunity to abolish in the Sunday final because Pierre-Hugues Herbert and Nicolas Mahut were wins in the final rounds on Saturday. Two French next week will play the Davis Cup final in Lille and it would have been good for confidence to be a common success. They also won the first game at 7: 5, but the next one went smoothly (6: 1), the upper-fund could reach ten points. The Americans led to 9: 5, but 4 corresponding balls were too small to finish, and at 10:11 they fell to the table. The slice may have shaken, but Mike Bryan's hands were not, and at 12:11 Herbert gave two holes.

Grand Slam Champion 18x Mike Bryan (in Blue) Wins World Degree 40 at Jack Sock in LondonSource: AFP / Glyn Kirk

I kept the conference to the press in the last 2018 ATP Tour game when I met Serbia's two colleagues in the elevator. We know each other for many years, one of them smiling. I said, If everything happens like that, then there will be a lot of excitement, because Novak is at least one step in front of everyone, it does not find anyone who catches it, he has everything to answer, it's simply unacceptable. They approvely agreed, and we have discussed that the following season can be quite boring, Roland Garros may have some excitement when Rafael Nadal is healthy.

I was confidently confronted – as a neutral viewer – that Alexander Zverev would tighten Serbia more than on Wednesday. Roger Federer focused on a tune he has to play himself to make good Djokovic undesirable moments, exclude him

In the first game, 4: 4, we could indicate that the world leader is not the supremacy, overwhelming and the course, young German is very clever, tennis is fine, but none of them ever hit a ball. On the basis of the preliminaries, of course, everyone was expecting that the momentum would come when Zverev would be slightly more uncertain as a donor and Djokovic would fall. It did not happen!

Alexander Zverev did not want to win any prize. He was entertained sincerely in the long journey with the master of the genre, but did not accelerate, put the best play with him and said he started to beat the Serb with his weapon himself. He was holding the ball and waiting, Djokovic could not change, he probably thought that only one of the games that could become a win, which had been running for six months, could not say anything. It's wrong. Zverev was not tired, he was leading, he was disciplinary and it was 4: 4, That's not the case over the week: Novak Djokovic lost his show.

Alexander Zverev celebrated his greatest success to dateSource: AFP / Glyn Kirk

Alexander Zverev is not the first chance of the new generation. After serving for the set, he started with three aces and finished what he started. At the beginning of the second game, Zverev's miracle continued, and Germany was fast. He pulled the track and showed no sign of weakness and uncertainty. This is true even if the next game has been lost and Djokovic has been disqualified (1: 1). It was repaired immediately and in the third place it was restarted. He did not return to the Serbs after 1h 16 minutes to stay in the game, but Zverev scored, in the second game, winner and finishing the game with 6: 4, 6: 3 Germany. He was stretched out on the pitch, Djokovic did not wait for him on the net, walked in sports and congratulated.A new champion was born.

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