Wednesday , May 12 2021

ELTE revokes some operating rights from Apacha High School principal because he wanted to avoid opening the school with an insecticide

The chancellor of Etvesh Loranda University immediately cut off the operating rights of the director of the gymnasium and college Janos Cere at Etvesh Loranda University, as the gymnasium management ordered insecticide and thermal disinfection against legionella bacteria until April 19.

There are six classes in the high school, so 7th and 8th graders will have to go to school on April 19, according to epidemiological rules set by the government, while high school students only start school in May.

On Monday, the Apache leadership sent the following letter to the students’ parents:

“Dear parents!
They probably learned from the news that 9-12. classes will continue digital education until May 10. In our school it is 7-8. classes, as the building will be disinfected against Legionella bacteria and insecticides in the coming weeks. “ wrote an article about it on Monday night, and the Chancellor of ELTE responded to this article on Tuesday. According to the Chancellor, the fact that the gymnasium management ordered pest control on April 19, ie the day of the planned opening of the school, threatens the work of the institution, so part of the principal’s operational rights should be revoked.

Thermal disinfection and insect control against legionella is carried out by ELTE itself, and these tasks have already begun so that children in the lower two classes of the Apache can swim to school on April 19, according to government plans.

“Of course, the date of resumption of primary school attendance may vary depending on the government’s professional assessment until the last date. Unworthy and ethically questionable behavior of a leader who seeks to circumvent a government decision by referring to a task for which another organizational unit of the university is responsible, without first consulting the head. “

– it is spoken in the statement of the chancellor. According to Etvesh Loranda University, vaccination of teachers and staff is progressing well in the gymnasiums under their control, staff have nothing to fear, and the institution is doing everything possible to protect them.

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