By the Board of Directors' decision on Thursday, OPUS Global Plc. Most of Mészáros Construction Holding and Mátrai Power Plant owns grants, receivable from Kall Ingredients Ltd and sells its media companies – the latter can now go to Gábor Liszkay and Miklós Vaszily Foundation including television and radio close to the cabin.

The capital increase published by OPUS GLOBAL PLC in February this year closes with a 51% contribution from Mészáros Construction Holding Zrt and 55% ownership of Mátrai Power Plant Kft. Without OPUS Global equity of more than 200 billion HUF. company announcement.

As part of the transactions, the Board of Directors has also decided to fund the majority procurement of Matra Power Plant by the sale of Opus Press Zrt. Contains Hungarian Mediaworks. The media group is acquired by Talentis Group Zrt., Owner of Lőrinc Mészáros, and in sales transactions, OPUS realizes almost 3 billion HUF profits.

Here's how the empire of mega media is based on government

We wrote yesterday that a significant part of Mediaworks revenue, which joins the Mayor's portfolios before, comes from public advertisements or close to the public: G7 According to his previous calculations, earnings from state-owned companies that publish the price of the list represent 60 per cent of revenue. Behind the portfolio of the media, there is a debt of such a thing that causes the empire of the media to fall without state advertisements; The company has 13 billion long-term liabilities, but there are also 15 billion short-term liabilities, mainly due to supplier claims. The Mészáros country has lost almost 22 per cent of customers over the last two years.

It's cool news that the two radio stations among the most listeners are only two and a half months away, but they were not part of Lőrinc Mészáros and Andy Vajna media portfolios. The Media and Communications Authority Media Council (NMHH) has now decided not to contribute to extending the broadcasting license of Music FM and Sláger FM. In the near future, however, a media portfolio will be formed, incorporating television and radio stations close to government, under the guidance of Gárbor Liszkay and Miklós Vaszily. HVG knows that Retro Radio will come from Andy Vajna, whose FM slider will be the main competitor of Sláger FM, and the mainstream media company Opus Global, Lőrinc Mészáros, and Mediaworks, mainly engaged in publishing.

Every imagination has exceeded

The press release issued by Opus Global Plc. Demonstrates that the effects of purchases made during the 9 month period and the purchase of the shares are still higher than the expectations issued by the managers; although the issue of transactions in February is only planned for 110-120 billion, but the OPUS Global Plc equity itself can increase over 250 billion requirements. Due to ownership gained in new production companies, the EBITDA is expected to be HUF 20-25 billion next year.

Board of Directors OPUS GLOBAL Plc. On Wednesday, the market value of 51% Mészáros Építő Holding (MÉH) Zrt was approved. As determined by the international expert (PwC) and the corresponding market value. Mészáros is Mészáros Kft. And a 51 per cent payment of MÉH Zrt., Which belongs to R-KORD Kft., Is worth HUF 59,759 billion.

The Board of Directors also decided that OPUS GLOBAL PLC will earn a 55.05 percent stake in Status Power Invest (SPI) Ltd, sold by the STATUS Private Equity Equity Fund at a 9.89 billion HUF purchase price. By the end of June 2019, OPUS GLOBAL will invest indirectly to GLOBAL OPIONS before the end of June 2016, with a purchase of a 15 per cent share in Mátra Power Plant EPH, reaching 72.665 per cent of management shareholder package in the largest Hungarian domestic power supply.

The sale is included by the sale of ZUR. THE OPUS WASG, where OPUS GLOBAL realizes the HUF 3 billion profit. The media companies and other companies owned by Hungarian Mediaworks Zrt. Their contacts (MediaLOG Zrt., DMH Hungary Ltd., Dunaújváros Superinfó Kft., Maraton Lapcsoport Kft.) A PRINTIMUS Kft. – in addition to net liabilities, the Zrt Talent Group. Is for the benefit of the Mészáros Lőrinc share for HUF 7.4 billion and the receivable numbers of the group for an additional 2.5 billion HUF.

The next step is to use the Consumer

The Board of Directors of OPUS Global Plc also decided on Thursday to make capital increases in the stock exchange company as part of the apportionment contract with the Konzum PE Private Equity Fund with 4,36 billion requirements of Kall Ingredients Ltd. The series increases capital published by OPUS GLOBAL Nyrt. Completed by Mészáros Építőipari Holding, currently engaged in HUF 300 billion in contract work in major projects for road, rail, bridge and hydraulic engineering, and Mátra Power Plant management share. introduce fifth of the domestic power generation.

The next step is to join KONZUM PLC to OPUS GLOBAL PLC, shareholders can decide to launch the merger process at the incredible general meetings of both companies on December 3. Preliminary estimates are that the large stock market company will have 350-400 billion capitalization of today's exchange rates, with almost equal size of the combined IFRS and EBITDA equity of more than 30 billion parts in 2019.

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