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Hardcore on the PlayStation 5!


Console of the new generation of PlayStation, which is not published (PlayStation 5?) a Wall Street Journal we also learned more strategic ideas.

Sony In a strategic discussion, Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of the company, said that "the games have become much more important than ever before," which means that Sony will rely less on the introduction of indie games, and therefore on AAA titles and seeing The strategy of the company, they will stand for exclusive titles (because in their own studios they will pay more attention to big budget games). Most publishers are accentuated. Why? "People buy consoles to play high-quality games that are only available on this platform," said Yoshida. Consequently, the exclusivity and connectivity of large publishers is the way to the next generation of hardware.

Sony continues to consider Microsoft as its number one competitor (although the two companies have officially agreed to develop cloud services!) Because Nintendo is "a younger audience than the main demo of the PlayStation." Google Stade is not considered a threat to Sony unless the Internet technology evolves.

Another factor that Sony is trying to attract to the player will be a combination of console technology: real-time tracking, up to 8K resolution and much faster than PlayStation 4, which can make it a hardcore platform. PlayStation 5to the point. (Not to mention the retrospective game support for PlayStation 4 – Sony wants to smoothly change the console generation).

PlayStation 5 It will not be released until April 2020, but judging by the release of the Xbox Project Scarlett (it's an attack on Christmas shopping in 2020, over the past three months of the year), it is likely that it will be available in stores around November 2020. We do not even know pricing, but it will be a key point. (For PlayStation 4, this was one of the factors that Sony discovered with step-by-step action against the new Xbox One, which was still at the same time.

source: VG247

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