Tuesday , April 20 2021

Hungarians do not regret the money: there are some who spend 400,000 for gifts

Although most people spend 10-50,000 for Christmas presents, some will leave 400 stores in this year's stores.

Although most people do not plan to spend more Christmas presents than last year, shopping will also make a burden on your wallet. The majority of respondents spend 10-50,000 on average for Christmas presents, and the crowd in the center is still more popular than online shopping, and has come out of the on- line of Jófogás.

The majority would stay below 50,000

The Friendship Team asked over 10,000 Internet users about their Christmas shopping habits. According to the survey, most users, 38 per cent, are more than six lovers. The results also revealed that

  • Most of the respondents (40 per cent) try to buy the gift for 50,000 forints,
  • there are also some nice figures (18 per cent) that can only (or want) 5 to 10,000 forints,
  • a quarter of respondents spend between 50 and 100,000 forints,
  • Between 100 and 200,000 8,
  • Between 2-300,000 3,
  • while the amount between 3-400,000 HUF can be issued by 4 per cent,
  • and around. 2 per cent allocate more than 400,000 for loved ones.

Interestingly, over half of the winners (52 per cent) do not intend to spend more than last year but account for more than a tenth (13 per cent), and 35 per cent have not yet been able to comment.

The plaza continues to dominate the web shop, but at least we start buying at the same time

Crowds, long queues, and even the stocks that run before our nose seem to keep consumers from choosing the classic fashion of Christmas shopping, that is, shops. Only 32 per cent of this scheme was to buy this amazing in a web shop this year, while 68 percent say it's the place to shop.

It also turned out that most respondents (36 per cent) start shopping early in early December, and many (30 per cent) are launching the gift hunt in the fall. 16 per cent a week or more before the holiday, while 19 per cent admits leaving everything to the last minute.

You do not have to become bankrupt for celebrating love

The article used by 36% of respondents was given, which is also rewarding because it shows that there are many conscientious buyers who, apart from their wallet, also want to protect & # 39 ; the environment. In 2017, 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide were protected from our own land by purchasing them from second hand. This means that so much CO2 has saved as if there were no traffic in Budapest for 45 days!

It is inevitable, in many cases, that it does not have much search, brand new products can be found much cheaper. Hand-made DIY gifts also save the fall, or it may be a good idea to ask the person who needs it. So we can avoid making unnecessary money.

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