Friday , April 16 2021

NL: In vain, the Greeks have won, Finland is the group leaders

Although Greece had defeated Finland at Court 2 Group C 1-0 League, it was enough for the second to qualify for the first Quartet.

Although the Greeks have won, they're staying at the C-League (Photo: Twitter)

In the other game of a Hungarian national team, directed by Angelos Anastasiadis Greece received Finland. Four games a day so far, which have not scored a goal, have been aware that the group leader will score, even if they score only one goal or score 0-2 apart from two.

The first half of the game was only one shot, and the Finns failed to unfortunately and take their own goal, unfortunately. Lukas Hradecky came close to extending the visitor leader when he found himself easily Albin Granlundra hit the ball from the Örebro defender behind the goal line (1-0).

The second inn brought much more Greek advantage, already shown in situations, but Mitrogluék was wrong at the gate, and with the unanimous commitment of the guests it was decided that Finland would lead Group 2. "The Greeks have a chance well second place, and they must have at least one last ever home point of the Last Estates and losing.

For more information about the Hungarian game, click here.

Greece-Finland 1-0
(Granlund 25th – self)

In the other game of the group
Arena Groupama. V: Enea Jorgji (Albanian)
Hungary: Dibusz – Baráth, Orbán, Kádár, Korhut – Nagy Á., Pátkai – Nagy D. (Dzsudzsák, 65th), Kalmár (Kleinheisler, 84th), I. Kovács – Szalai (Böde, 76th). Assistant Federal Captain: Cosimo Inguscio
ESTONIA: Aksalu – Teniste, Vihmann, Tamm, Pikk – Antonov, Dmitriev – Luts (Puri, 77), Vassiljev (Purje, 82), Ojamaa (Zenjov, 60th) – Henri Anier. Federal Captain: Martin Reim
G: Orban (8th), Szalai (69th)

1. Finland 5 4 – – 1 5-1 4 12
2. Greece 5 3 – – 2 4-4 0 9
3. HUNGARY 5 2 1 2 7-6 +1 7
4. Estonia 5 – – 1 4 3-8 -5 1

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