Wednesday , May 12 2021

PDSZ began to organize to prevent reopening

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“We can prevent the government from opening schools on April 19. According to our poll, the vast majority of those who do not want to return to work is called ‘visiting’ on April 19. A survey of parent organizations also shows a proportion of parents rejecting the opening,” PDSZ writes .

“By referring to current legislation, we may refuse to follow instructions to work in the presence while we are still available for work,” they point out, saying:

it is also our duty to refuse to work if the health and safety of children and students cannot be guaranteed.

The PDSZ is of the opinion that the opening of an institutional system is not only risky, as the protection of newly vaccinated educators could not have taken place before the opening. It should also be borne in mind that the prevalence of the common British version, according to the government, is much higher than in the previous version, and it is spreading among children and young people much faster than before. Therefore, leading epidemiologists do not recommend opening a system of educational institutions on April 19, they write.

In many ways, the opening of the institution, which is scheduled for mid-April, raises the question that the safety of employees, students, children – and their families – cannot be guaranteed. According to the rules that have come into force, one client per 10 square meters is allowed to stay indoors, strictly in a mask – in the case of educational institutions, in a room of 50 square meters may not be five, but if necessary – thirty, in addition to commitment to the mask., nor to the requirement.

In addition to the above arguments, it is obvious that the only responsible decision at the moment may be to refuse instructions for teaching in the classroom and attending classes, said PDSZ.

It is important that we do not refuse to work, we are still available for this, only this instruction. That is, we are still at the disposal of our employer on a digital work schedule, they emphasize.

The Teachers’ Union also rejected the resumption tonight. “If human life matters to you …”, a recent PSZ post on Facebook said the government was calling schools on April 19. The unions have repeatedly asked the government not to open schools until the level of infection is high or until teachers are protected from the coronavirus, but the government insists on opening it.

The post assumes that if the number of store dwellers is based on square feet, what is the situation in the classrooms – they refer to the rule that the store can have one customer per 10 square feet, which is impractical in the classrooms. The question is whether the discovery will cause a fourth wave, who will protect children and their parents.

“The government will be responsible if more people working in the field of education die! It concerns human lives, the lives of families, students, colleagues!” – is in the PSZ record.

Addressing the educators, they write: “What are you waiting for? The lives of your loved ones are important to you? We need to act now! IN GENERAL! If you stay on the Internet, you will not refuse to work! Each other!”

It will be recalled that most educators are vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. According to the protocol, it takes 7 weeks from the first vaccination to develop the highest level of protection.

“Therefore, we demand from the government:

  • Postpone the introduction of mandatory attendance at the training scheduled for April 19.
  • Follow the vaccination protocol! “

This is exactly what Janos Schlavik, the chief infectious disease specialist, said today, according to whom only the second vaccination can protect against the coronavirus. Experts say that it can be seriously infected even after the first vaccination.

Zsolt Boldogki, a molecular biologist at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and head of the Department of Medical Biology at the University of Szeged, said he considered opening schools on April 19 dangerous.

Earlier, Boldogki said not to open schools because:

  • children cannot yet be vaccinated,
  • vaccination of teachers will not give sufficient immunity to
  • the British version is dangerous for the little ones,
  • in addition, they will take the virus home to the family.

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