Wednesday , May 12 2021

shock, because of his political opinion from Yellow Petri me

They follow Zholt Petri, the coach of the team’s goalkeepers from Berlin’s Hertha, who has been working in the group since 2015, according to the Bundesliga’s official website. The club’s management decided to get rid of the Hungarian expert after a translation of an interview with the Hungarian nation was published on several German portals on Monday, and its content became the subject of criticism.

Yellow Petri (Photo: Csaba Dömötör – archive, 2019)

“Recognizing the imperfection of the translation and the fact that some of Zholt’s views were omitted from the interview, so that it was agreed with him prior to its publication, we concluded that the statement did not correspond to Herta BSC’s values. We want to thank Yellow Petri for his work and wish him all the best in the future. ” Schmidt said about the preconditions for the decision.

In an interview with the Hungarian nation, which was mainly about football, the Hungarian expert also expressed his views on one or two politically sensitive topics.

Petri has been a member of Hertha’s professional staff since 2015 and remained in Berlin even after head coach Pal Dardai was replaced by the club in the summer of 2019. He was not a member of the professional staff of the first team only during the coaching position of Jurgen Klinsmann, then he worked in the youth for more than six months. He previously coached in Paderborn and Hoffenheim, and in 2008 under Erwin Keman he was also a member of the Hungarian national team.


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