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The Wi-Fi access point was created by LG


LG has introduced a new version of its reliable platform for managing TVs for hotels. Pro: Centric Direct 3.0 is a bunch of new solutions known by the company as revolutionary. With hotel television platform, hotel managers can facilitate communication with guests, as remote device management allows visitors to receive personalized information and communicate with the administrator through devices.


Connected devices in the hotel room

Users are getting used to using their devices in connected systems in their homes, but many hotels find it difficult to keep pace with this. With LG Pro: Centric Direct 3.0, guests can control light, curtains, and even block the TV in their room. Pro: Centric Direct 3.0 uses the Zigbee standard to integrate IoT devices into a television system. This means that the hotel owners can set up their system settings remotely, to a room or room number. With Pro: Centric Direct 3.0, hotel owners do not have to worry about the integration of third-party solutions, since TVs, the management platform and integration with the IoT are part of a single, easy-to-install system.

Hotel comfort with voice commands

With built-in voice control, visitors can control the TV and other devices connected to other systems with simple verbal instructions, for example, they will no longer need a remote control to turn off the TV before going to bed. When they get up, they can ask the device about the weather and ask for information about the nearby attractions. Everything on your TV is displayed on its own, without the use of data stored in the cloud, so the system data is always safe to comply with European data protection laws.

Wi-Fi for guests and staff

With Pro: Centric Direct 3.0, webOS smart TVs can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot, which simplifies the complex but necessary problem of network coverage for numbers. Networks in the hotel's common areas can provide an intermediate function that provides extra room coverage without buying and installing additional access points. No need for a signal transmitter to create separate VLANs, and each network specific to each room provides even more secure Internet access for hotels and guests. With Pro: Centric Direct 3.0, hotel owners can remotely change passwords and network names, enable and disable them, and check the power of the channel. You can do the same through various HSIA equipment suppliers (High Speed ​​Internet Access).

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