Friday , June 18 2021

Godzilla Vs Kong Beats WW84; Sets a new pandemic record

Warner Bros.’s recently released sci-fi film Godzilla v. Congo set a new record during the coronavirus pandemic. The film grossed a record $ 285.4 million (Rs 2,100) worldwide. The film beat the Wonder Woman collections of Warner Bros. 84 and revived Hollywood, especially when studios were still beating COVID-19.

Released on March 31 in the United States, Godzilla v. Congo raised $ 32.3 million gross over a three-day weekend (WW84 was only $ 16.7 million) and $ 48.5 million for a 5-day theatrical performance. Created with a modest budget of $ 160 million, this director Adam Wingard earned $ 285.4 million in 12 days worldwide.

During its debut, Godzilla Vs Kong earned a total of $ 120.1 million gross in 39 markets (including the United States and Canada). Globally, the film opened last weekend and grossed $ 285.4 million, $ 137.1 million from China alone. The film also set a new pandemic record, having the largest release (3,064 screens) among recent releases.

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