Friday , June 18 2021

I have tried all the iPhone that is currently available – this is my time of the 7 iPhones that you can buy at the moment

iPhone XSEdgar His / ReutersThe iPhone XS and the new XS Max iPhone.

If you want to buy an iPhone at the moment, you have seven different options to select.

From the iPhone XS brand new, futuristic to iPhone 7 old-but-good, the current iPhone has a variety of devices and price points.

At this point, I've tried all Apple's seven iPhones currents. And while the iPhone XS is beautiful and powerful, that's not the phone that I would recommend to most people.

It is worth noting that, in September, Apple has finished with older phones, including iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S and More, and iPhone X. If you are curious about any of those devices, you can see how they list last year.

Here's my time of all iPhones that you can buy today:

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