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Live updates in Sabarimala: Girl's leader arrives at hillbrows, Alphons Union Minister on his way | india news

Hindik leader Aikya Vedi, KP Sasikala, who was held on Friday for prohibitive orders, arrived at the head of the Sabarimala temple. She was allowed to visit the sanctuary after she was sure she would return & Darshan & # 39;

Earlier in the day, a large number of BJP and RSS workers protested outside the official residence of Kerala, prime minister of Pinarayi Vijayan, against keeping over 70 people at Tah Sabarimala late Sunday night.

Members of the Bharataya Janata (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) were gathered in front of Tŷ Cliff – the official residence of Vijayan at Nanthancode in Thiruvananthapuram.

12 pm IST

CM Kerala showed black flags

Two Yuva Morcha workers were retained for black banners at Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan.

Earlier in the day, the BJP and RSS had collected outside the residence of the CM to protest against the devotees in the temple head.

11.40 am IST

Sasikala arrives at the Sabarimala temple, Alphons Union minister on his way.

KP Sasikala has arrived at the Sabarimala temple. The Union Minister KJ Alphons is on his way to the top of the temple.

Union Minister KJ Alphons on his way to Sabarimala
(Vijay Nair / HT Photo)

11:35 am IST

Hindw Aikya See main KP Sasikala approaching Sabarimala temple

Hindu Aikya Vedi, chief Sasikala, is approaching the temple among state protests against keeping over 70 conservatives last night.

Sasikala was allowed to go to the bushes on the hill after she made her return after offering prayers. She was asked to give a commitment that she will not camp at the top of the temple.

11:16 am IST

The congress condemns the operation of the police

The Congress condemned the police force to keep over 70 people on top of the temple on Sunday night, trying to look for a high level.

"The government gave the police to the police, the leader of the opposition parties said

11:14 am IST

The Navy choppers carry out an aerial survey to assess a situation on the hill brush

The Navy choppers carry out an aerial survey to assess the Sabarimala situation. The state government had sought the navy's support for surveillance.

9:55 am IST

Sabarimala Karma Samiti meets the state governor P Sathasivam

Sabarimala Karma Samiti, an umbrella organization of many Hindu costumes, met with P Sathasivam governor trying to interfere with a peaceful pilgrimage to the hill bush.

9:45 am IST

The girl's leader starts trek to the hill's mound

Sasikala KP starts trek to the Sabarimala temple.

Sasikala catches his grandchildren before embarking on a trip to Sabarimala
(Vivek Nair / HT Photo)

9:16 am IST

Terrorists are not men, why do they need 15,000 million dollars here? : KJ Alphons

"The situation is worse than an emergency occurring here, the devotees can not go up. Section 144 is set for no reason. Terrorists are not men, why do they need 15,000 million dollars on them?" KJ Alphons MoS Tourism said.

9:12 am IST

Pilgrimage is affected due to high-power forces: BJP state president

Police at Sabarimala. Pilgrimage is affected as a result of the police ambition. Will move NHRC. Police force a pilgrimage to go back. There's a dangerous situation. The whole world watches & breaks upright rights in Sabarimala, BJP said the president was president S Shededan Pillai

9:10 am IST

Devaswom board to move pled in SC is trying to take time to execute the award that allows women of all ages of worship in Sabarimala

Travancore Devaswom's board, who runs Sabarimala temple, will move a plea in an appeal court today seeking time to execute a 28 September ruling that allowed women of all ages to worship in the temple.

9:05 am IST

A person who was injured in the burial of the hill that was admitted to hospital

One person injured was arrested in the hill that was admitted to hospital. He fell down and he was wounded during a fall on the top of the temple. He has claimed he had been controlled by the police.

9:01 am IST

Union Minister Alphons Joseph Kannanthanam for a trip to Sabarimala

Union Minister Alphons Joseph Kannanthanam for a trip to Sabarimala. Earlier, he was organized to visit the camp Pamba's base against flooding but now he will trekking the brutal of hills

7:42 am IST

The woman's leader allowed to visit habitats to offer prayers

KP Sasikala allowed to go to Pamba's base camp after she reassured that she will return after praying at the top of the hill. She was asked to give a commitment that she will not camp at the top of the temple. Police Superintendent, Yatish Chandra, said that it was allowed only after receiving an undertaking.

7:25 am IST

KP Sasikala is kept

KP Sasikala detained at Nilakkal base camp.

7:20 am IST

BJP youth section to catch disturbance across the whole country

Yuva Morcha, the BJP youth wing, will be devoted daily across the state on Monday to intensify their further motivation against "force handiness".

"We have organized a state protest against this crisis situation as in the state," said Prakash Babu, president of the state Yuvamorcha, at the PTI news agency.

7:10 am IST

Hindu wife leader moves towards Sabarimala

Hindik Aikya leader KP Sasikala is moving towards a temple after she has been granted permission darshan by the court. Sasikala was detained on Friday after she was discharged from prohibitive orders.

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