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Merry Cyclone: ​​A death toll is charged to 36, relief operations continue

The death duty due to the Gaja cyconian storm has increased to 36 on Saturday. The cyclone had made a crash in Nhamil Nadu between Nagapattinam and Vedaranyam on Friday leaving the route of destruction. The intense cyclone had a wind speed of 90 to 100 kmph higher and reached up to 110 kmph when the storm stormed the trench at 1.40am in Nagapattinam.

Apart from losing lives, 1471 boats were partially damaged and 216 were completely destroyed. Overall, there have been 471 relief camps established with 81,948 people accommodated.

The Kerala government has announced compensation of £ 10 lak to the deceased's relative, $ 1 lakh for those who were severely injured and £ 25,000 for those who suffered minor injuries.

The cyclone also caused 13,000 converters to fall and 5,000 trees after disposal.

A fall pole and motorcycle has been damaged in a way after the Velankanni hit Gaja cyclone, in Nagapattinam in the southern province of Tamil Nadu, India, November 16, 2018. REUTERS / Stringer

Two ships, Chetlat and Cheriyam, Karaikal arrived this morning, carrying foodstuffs as requested by the civil administration to add to the efforts of the state in providing relief for people affected by cycling.

Meanwhile, the Indian ships of the Navy Cora Divh and Carnicobar are preparing to leave Chennai for relief efforts. Dornier's aircraft from the INS Rajali in Arakonam undertakes an aerial review to assess the damage.

Dornier aircraft, formerly INS Rajali, in Arakonam, are undertaking recycling aviation to assess damage

Fishery Minister D Jayakumar said that all the anglers were being prevented from going to the sea well in advance. Unfortunately, although "173 mechanical boats landed in Sri Lanka due to the Gaja cycle. The government has been taking measures to leave 53 of them. Other boats are in poor condition and can not be bring back, "he said.

The leader of the Senior Congress P Chidambaram has urged Rajath Singh's Home Minister to use a team of two officers immediately to examine the extent of the damage caused by the Gaja cyclone in Tamil Nadu.

"I have asked a Home WEINIDOG through the Home Secretary to use a team of two officers immediately to examine the size of the damage caused by the Gaja (sic) cycle," said Chidambaram in a tweet.

Meanwhile, the government of Tamil Nadu has claimed that the Center had not set money sought by it due to natural disasters such as cyclists, saying that this was the case with the NDA ban and its predecessor, the UPA.

First Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami said that in the past only a "fixed" amount was sanctioned in the past and the state met the expenses on such issues of its own funds.

"This central government (NDA) has not been put in. In my opinion, the previous government (UPA) has not punished the whole amount (as Tamil Nadu is in ask for it) following a cyclone, "he said.

With inputs by Majeet Negi

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