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Naagin 3 November 18, 2018 Full Paper Written Update: Bela blamed for Vyom losing her eyes!

Last night, we saw that Vyom reveals its real identity to Bela and also intended to kill the whole naagvansh. In episode tonight, Bela recalls how Kesha attacked Juhi and she was a witness to the death of her sister. He is attacking Kesha, but Kesha tells her that he really wants to taste his blood and that Juwn was just a pepper in his plan. Bela kills her sister and Juhi's sister breathes her last bread in Bela. Bela tells the whole story to Vyom and her family. She also tells them that they have started this war. Amrita defends her son dead and says she was not blameless. Vyom threatens to kill the whole naagvansh. Bela tells them she will not let them harm anyone. Vyom's points are in the air and show her to see all the fultures ready to attack.

The next morning, the family welcome Yuvi and Vish. Mahir and Bela also join and Bela tells her she always wants to get her on her side. The vultures are close to the pooja area and immediately before the card starts, Vyom says their family is so weird. The Sehgals start pooja. Bela, Vish and Vikrant have arranged to come together to reveal vultures with the night.

Vish welcomes the vultures. Mahir begins to join Bela. Vish also turns with Vikrant and then everyone starts dancing. Vish and Yuvi present the theme of the party. A few men play the tree and start to affect the vultures. The noise periods are having trouble. Vish announces a game of cards and asks the vultures to join them. Mahir and Bela are still busy relaxing with each other. The vultures start making an excuse to leave one after another. Bela sees them leaving and asking the family to follow the outside and say she has a surprise for them. It's lightning crackers out of trouble and even more vultures. They run back inside. Mahir is amazed at what happened to Vyom. Vyom is fighting inside and screaming in the tile to stop. The Sehgals fight inside to see Vyom lying on the bed with eyebrows and a family beside him.

Amrita asks Bela why she did this for him. She cries unconsciously and says that loud noise makes it nervous. She blames Bela for her, but Mahir defends her. Vyom says she was not Bela. However, Amrita continues to hold Bela responsible for her. Mahir offers a doctor's call, but Vyom prevents him from doing so. He says this has happened from the front but this time, he looks like he has become blind.

Later, Vikrant meets Bela in the terrace. She's asking where Vish is to be distressed. He tells her that Vyom is just acting. Bela tells him she will never forgive him. They decide to teach them a lesson and they just go to bedrooms to find a sister of Vyom lying next to Mahir. He's asking Bela to stay silent as Mahir is in a deep sleep.

She threatens to kill Mahir and they go into animal formats to fight each other. Bela throws it out of the window when Mahir's death. He says she saves her from a bird. Bela tells him that she was only a dream and asking him to go back to sleep. She pulls her back in bed and they share a romantic moment. Vikrant heads back to her room and Vish asks her for her place. They come to a debate,

Bela goes into her room and expects Mahir to sleep quickly. However, it is awful and she tells her he is waiting for her. Bela says she'll sleep on the sofa instead of bed. She also joins her on the couch. Bela expresses her discomfort, so Mahir goes back to bed. She rises and sleeps next to him. Vikrant rises at night and leaves the room thinking that Vish is sleeping.

Vyom dreams that Bela tries to kill her, but he catches her throat and tries to kill her. He wakes up and assists himself that his dream will come true one day. Vikrant goes to the sister room of Vyom and they flush with each other. In the morning, they leave the room talking about the previous night and Vyom lights up their conversation.

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