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Pregnant doctor Dimple Arora Chaula loses the battle of Kovid, Raivish Chaula’s husband shares his latest video message

Coronavirus: Dr. Dimple Arora Chaula died on April 26, the day after the loss of her unborn child.

New Delhi:

Dr. Dimple Arora Chaula, a dentist, was her second child at seven months pregnant when she tested positive for coronavirus in April. Two weeks later, the 34-year-old lost her unborn child. The next day, the doctor also lost his fight against the virus. She leaves behind a son and a husband of three and a half years.

A few days before her death, a Delhi woman posted a video message to her family and friends urging them not to take the deadly virus.

“I’m making this video with great difficulty. I really want to tell everyone and everyone who knows me, please don’t take the crown so lightly. Very bad, very bad symptoms. I can’t speak. But I really want to pass my message to everyone “, – she says in 2 minutes of a 20-second video recorded on April 17.

“Please wear a mask. Every time you go outside, when you communicate with people, outside and at home, for the safety of your loved ones,” says Dr. Dimple Arora Chaula.


Dr. Dimple Arora Chaula leaves behind a 3.5-year-old son and husband.

The video was shared on social networks by her husband, thousands of people posted condolences.

Speaking to NDTV, Ravish Chaula said he respected his wife’s latest wishes, namely to spread awareness so that no one would take the pandemic lightly.

“It was innate in nature to inform people of the precautions they could take. So she actually did it for our family and friends. But her untimely death made me publish this message to the world so the world could know that you must not take Kovid so lightly, “said the upset man sharply.

“It was her message and you have to wear a mask not only for yourself but also for the elderly or pregnant women … It was my wife’s message. I just want people to know about it.”

Speaking about his wife’s battle with Kovid, Mr. Chaula said her oxygen levels began to drop on April 21, 10 days after she tested positive. She was immediately taken to a hospital where she was given Remdesivir and underwent two rounds of plasma therapy, Mr Chaula said, adding that her condition had since begun to decline.

Dr. Dimple, Arora Chaula, or Deepika, called her family and friends, and she began work on April 25. Ultrasound showed that the child did not have a heartbeat. “The baby died in the mother’s womb. At first I didn’t tell her about it. But the doctors said we would have to force her to have a caesarean section and interrupt the baby so it wouldn’t hurt her,” her husband said.

“She was very brave and strong.” However, the young woman died the next morning.

Pregnant and lactating women have not yet been part of any clinical trial of COVID-19 vaccines in India, and the government has therefore advised that the two groups should not be vaccinated.

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