Monday , June 14 2021

Raise weight better than walking and cycling for the heart

New York

Although it is well-known that physical activities promote heart health, a new study suggests that weight-raising, rather than walking and cycling, can help keep heart disease better.

The study showed that taking part in fixed activities such as strength training and dynamic activities such as walking and cycling linked to lower rates of cardiovascular disease risk factors from 30 to 70 percent.

However, the strongest societies for strength training among young people than older adults.

"Both strong training and aerobic activity appear to be a healthy, even in small quantities, at a population level," said Maia P. Smith, Assistant Professor at the University of San George in Grenada.

"However, fixed activity seemed more beneficial than dynamic," added Smith.

Furthermore, the researchers suggested that clinicians should advise patients, especially the elderly, to practice without considering types of activity as patients who did both types of physical activity were better than patients that increase the level of one type of activity.

"The important thing is to get involved in physical activity," said Smith.

The findings were presented at the 2018 ACC Latin America Conference in Miwro.

For the study, the researchers included 4,086 adults aged 21 to 44 or over.

The team analyzed cardiovascular risk factors, such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol, as a function of self-reported and stable and / or dynamic activity. – IANS

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