Monday , August 2 2021

5 Things That Cause Outbound But Not Signing Up Births, Jakarta Drugs are usually one of the most common signs that a mother will be born. But do you know that restrictions in pregnant women can occur because of a number of other factors?

Report by, Restrictions that occur during pregnancy can be caused by changes in the levels of the ocsococin hormone in the blood. This is quite normal, especially when giving birth, our body and baby brains will release ocsococin to stimulate characters. But restrictions can occur because of many other things.

1. Faginal exam

In the last three months of pregnancy, a midwife or obstetrician will usually conduct a vaginal examination to determine the condition of the cervix. When an audit is performed, restrictions can occur if the inside membrane is touched or scratched.

2. Get sex

Having sex during pregnancy can stimulate cuts. The restriction can be quite intense. If there is a restriction, the contraction can run approximately an hour and the stomach feels full after orgasm. For more information, orgasm can even trigger contractions if you do not have intercourse. Good doctor is first consulted about close relatives during the last three months of pregnancy.

3. Sports

Exercise that is too heavy or excessive can trigger combinations. If the restriction lasts more than an hour, contact your doctor or midwife immediately.

4. Dehydrated

Even enough body fluids during pregnancy. Especially if the body has dehydrated, it can trigger combinations. Sufficient body fluids at all times. Always carry a drinking water bottle wherever you go so that you can meet your daily water needs.

5. Motivation of the boy

Stomaching the breast, for example in a close relationship, can trigger combinations. If the stimulus of the nwd causes a long limitation, contact the midwife or obstetrician immediately for treatment.

If you experience restrictions over five times during one hour and that the age of the gesture does not go to the 37th week, it is better to see the obstetrician or midwife straight away. Prevent premature birth occurs.

Pregnancy will always be checked regularly and consult with a doctor if you are experiencing restrictions. Hopefully the information will be useful, yes.

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