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Dr. Chair Appointed Chairman of South Persia Sulawesi for the period 2018-2023

OKESULTRA.COM, KENDARI – Appointed Dr. Chair is Chair of the South East Sulawesi Diabetes Association (Sultra) Indonesia for the period 2018-2023 given by Dr. Agung Pranoto Sp, PD, attended by Sony Wibisono So, PD, Representatives of Doctors in South East Sulawesi, was one of the guest in Kota Kendari, Saturday (11/17).

Dr Chairil's appointment has been through discussions with the Association of Internists' management in South East Sulawesi, on 16 November 2018 ago.

The Executive Board (PB) of the Diabetes Indonesia Association (Persadia) of Dr Agung Pranoto said that Persia is an organization that provides for diabetic patients, then people who are diagnosed with diabetes, including health and Doctors who want to come in to the organization.

"But the main thing is diabetes patients so they have a forum," he said after meeting the activity.

Dr Agung said that Persadia existed in every province and has developed about 20 years ago, because this forum is very important as a place for diabetic patients' education.

"Persia is an educational forum, to convey the experiences of diabetic patients where they exchange experiences among fellow patients, but in the forum they also get diabetes information from competent sources, especially those who are experiencing diabetes. ; n regulation, such as the health department, "by the health ministry and of the treatment doctors, from IDI etc.," he explained.

Meanwhile, the elected chair of Southeast Sulawesi Persadia, Dr. The Chair said that the Persian institution itself can not be developed if it is only the doctors who have to involve many parties.

"For example, patients suffer themselves, then individual groups in the Pwskesmas, people other than doctors, other areas such as laboratory groups that ask for help, such as the initial stage I was planning for the Persia Southeast Sulawesi. Where the other members will take from several elements where each party can help and we will move quickly, "he explained.

He explained, there was no definite time because we were still waiting for confirmation from the big managers.

In the case of the opening target, he said, there was no certainty, where his side was still awaiting confirmation from the big control about opening.

"For the future program, how we can properly treat diabetes research, for example, the most difficult way is to educate patients, we may do it all time to advise each other with pneumetics in either the Pwskesmas or in the Laboratory, "came to the conclusion.

Report: Yusran

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