Thursday , April 15 2021

INTA highlights the Rising Sales of False Fighters on the e-Commerce Platform

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Valentine Salmoiraghi International Association of International Markets International Trade Association (INTA) has recently revealed the Association of Allforfeiting Association of Asia-Pacific (INTA), increased circulation of fake barriers to e-commerce platforms in Indonesia.

"We want to establish a relationship and co-operation with the Police, Customs and General Directorate of Intellectual Property as the authority responsible for enforcing online and offline when protecting consumers from the dangers of falsifying," he said in the discussion Indonesia "in Jakarta, Thursday (11/15).

Valentina said that falsifying products is a problem for many industries on a global scale.

According to INTA and the Reports of the International Chamber of Commerce, the global economic value of fictitiousness and piracy is estimated at 2.3 trillion dollars in the United States by 2022.

While in Indonesia itself, the results of the Indonesia Anti-Mutigation Association (MIAP) results showed that economic losses caused by mock products continued to increase.

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In 2005, the economic losses of Rp.4.41 trillion reached and the figure rose sharply in 2014 and recorded losses up to Rp.65.1 trillion.

As a large e-commerce market, Indonesia needs to take predictable steps in dealing with the circulation of counterfeit / illegal products to protect consumers in Indonesia.

"The development of e-commerce practices indirectly extends the circulation of fake / illegal products for consumers," said Justiari P. Kusumah, Chair of MIAP.

In order for the MIAP, it continued to invite e-commerce sector players to actively activate the circulation of counterfeit / fake goods.

"E-commerce actors need to implement a system of preventing and assessing their partners in order to prioritize consumer interests and protect the rights of legitimate brand holders," Justisiari asked.

In the same place, Head of Police Headquarters, Police Brigade, General Ablertus, Rahmad Wibowo, emphasized that Indonesia had opened the False Task Force Task Force.

This is an attempt to show the international community where Indonesia is committed to dealing with counterfeit / illegal products.

"Indonesia has a law that regulates sanctions for trade in counterfeit goods," he said.

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