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PAN Waketum asks Yokov to waive Rizieck's return


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Deputy Chairman of National Party of Mandates (PAN) Bar Hassibuan Calls For Elected President Joko widow abandon repatriation Rizik Shihab from Saudi Arabia as one of the conditions for reconciliation proposed by the camp Prabovago Subianto.

According to him, if the conditions for the repatriation of FPI leaders to reconcile after the 2019 presidential election were carried out by Jokowi, this will become a precedent for future presidential elections.

"As regards the requirement for Rizijat's repatriation as part of reconciliation, I want to urge the president to reject this demand, since this could be a bad precedent for the next presidential election," said Bara on the eve (12/7) in Senayan Parliament, Jakarta.

He believes that the reconciliation and repatriation of Rizek occur in two different spheres. Reconciliation takes place in the political sphere, and Rizieka's repatriation is part of the legal sphere.

According to Bar, reconciliation is needed as a tradition and a symbol of democracy after the 2019 presidential elections were hot and wounded in society.

Bara estimated that the repatriation of Rizieck as a condition of reconciliation was a betrayal of the very idea of ​​reconciliation.

"If this is complied with the demands made in this case, Rizijek is repatriated, it is a betrayal of the idea of ​​reconciliation," he said.

If later Yokov accepted the conditions for the reconciliation of the repatriation of Rizieck, then in society there would be a presumption that the case around Rizika was a political game.

"It's absolutely unhealthy. We want the fact that many cases that survived Rizieq are really pure because of legal issues," said Bara.

The Prabovo camp should be a great heart

In addition, Bara argued that those who lost in the 2019 elections were glad to accept defeat. It is not even a matter of submitting conditions for reconciliation.

According to him, the attitude towards the adoption of this defeat was not fully demonstrated in the Camp Ubono-Prabovo-Sandiaga.

"In this case, it was not fully demonstrated by Prabov, for example, he did not congratulate Yokov, but invited his supporters, for example, to leave differences in the campaign, and to abandon hostile sentiment," Bara said.

Secretary General of the DP Gerindra party, Ahmad Muzani, earlier confirmed that the demands for reconciliation of Prabovo to Jokowi are the return of Rizijek Shihab to Indonesia.

Muzani said that Prabovo also demanded the release of a number of supporters of two pairs of candidates who had been detained for some time.

According to him, these conditions are part of the process, so differences of opinion or sharp opinions in the community during the presidential elections in 2019 may be needed.

– Not only that [pemulangan Rizieq], but in general. Yesterday, many people were detained by hundreds of people, "Muzani told reporters Tuesday (9/7) in the Senayan Parliament, Jakarta.

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