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People of the earth on the moon are accused of deception, said NASA


VIVA – A few days later, the space agency of the United States or NASA celebrate half a century, one of the most important missions in history, namely Apollo 11. The mission was the first time that people stepped onto the Moon by placing an American flag on the surface of the Moon. However, allegations of landing the moon are still present.

Quoted from the site MirrorOn July 12, 2019, speaking about the flag that was then accepted by astronauts, one of the paintings shows when astronaut Buzz Aldrin congratulated the flag. However, there is one aspect of photography that confuses the theorists of conspiracy.

The flag looks like swinging in the wind in a photo. The fact is that on natural satellites of the Earth there is almost no atmosphere, which means that there is no wind. The conspiracy theorists continue to use the image as evidence that NASA has forged a landing on the moon. This means that human landings on the moon are hoaxes.

"Maybe there is no wind on the moon, and the installation of the flag on the moon is covered by the sun? You did not succeed," wrote Twitter user @siya_BoB.

There are others who start to not trust them and say that there is no wind in the universe, including the impossibility of flying the flag in space.

But NASA explained that the flying flag was not always driven by the wind. When astronauts plant flagpoles, they rotate them back and forth to penetrate the moon's ground. Anyone who once set a dead end will know how it works.

"Yes, of course, the flag waved. Opening a roll sheet of fabric, pulling the tip, will produce waves, there is no need for wind," NASA said.

On Tuesday, next week, the 50th Apollo 11 will commence. At that time, three crew members who left for the Moon were Buzz Aldrin, Neal Armstrong and Michael Collins. NASA plans to re-send people to the moon in 2024.

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