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PSIS Match Report Semarang v Persib, 11/18/18, League 1

Match Results: PSIS Semarang 3-0 Persib Bandung

This PSIS victory rises to ninth place.

PSIS Semarang won three points at Week 31 of the 1 2018 League. After that, he won a triumph over three Persi goals without responding to the Pig Stadium. Soebroto, Magelang, Sunday (11/18) night.

This PSIS victory rises to ninth place. Although Persib is still third.

First round

Both teams exhibit an attack game immediately from the first records. The first threat was given by Persib by the shot of Henhen Herdiana. But the ball was still higher than the PSIS goal.

PSIS is not still silent. They were able to endanger the Persians goal, by the shooting of Ibrahim Conteh. But the Persia keeper, I Made Wirawan, can catch the ball.

Conteh once again had a golden opportunity in front of the Persian leg, but his shot dropped slightly on the right side of the goal, I Made Wirawan.

Until the end, Bruno Silva managed to break the bell in the minute 17 minutes, through his heading and welcomed the mature cross of Hari Nur Yulianto. The score has also changed 1-0, for the secondary of the home team.

After leaving one goal, the Maung Bandung team attempted to attack more aggressively. Successful attacks created a number of opportunities. One of them, by killing Puja Abdillah in the penalty box. But the ball back was slightly higher than the goal.

PSIS also did not relax their assaults. Bruno was again a threat through his strike in front of the goal, but at this time the target was not right.

Persi is still trying to catch up with them. PSIS goalkeeper, Jandia Eka Putra, can predict from In-kyun's kick. Until the first round ended, the score remained 1-0 for PSIS excellence.

Second half

PSIS appeared immediately in the first minutes in the second half. The Conteh and Safrudin Tahar game was not on target.

Likewise, Bruno's free kick, still pushed over by I Made Wirawan that led to the ball just hit the cross.

Persi also puts pressure. Ezechiel N / A Douassel is a threat through his heading, which only lies above the PSIS goal.

In order to increase the banging power, Persib included Jonathan Bauman and Ghozali Muharram Siregar to replace Agung Mulyadi and Puja Abdillah. The pressure of pressure by Roberto Mario Carlos Gomez squad continued to catch up with them.

But the Persia defense back was vigilant, which made them return to consensus in the minute 69 minutes. This time, Hari Nur came to score with a horizontal cross from Bruno. He changed the 2-0 score.

Leaving behind, Persia has not given her up. Ghozali gave a threat through his acrobatic blow, but the ball was just the post.

Until the end, the Mahesa Jenar team has yet to maximize the advantage in the 75 minute minute. Has Conteh been able to break the Wood Made Wirawan after using Bayu Nugroho's horizontal cross. The score score changed again 3-0.

Purchasing and selling assaults continue to occur in the remaining time available. But Persib was still hard, and PSIS could not add another goal until the game ended.

Players Arrangements

PSIS Semarang
Jafri Literature

30 Jandia Eka Putra; 23 Gilang Ginarsa, 5 Haudi Abdillah, 17 M. Rio Saputro, 27 Safrudin Tahar; 92 Bayu Nugroho, 55 Ibrahim Conteh, 7 Muhamad Yunus, 12 Nerius Alom; 22 Hari Nur Yulianto, 91 Bruno Silva

Copy backup: 1 Joko Ribowo, 15 Frendi Saputra, 25 Petar Planic, 24 Hafit Ibrahim, 29 M. Widya Wahyu Fitriyanto, 11 Aldaier Makatindu, 10 Komarudin

Roberto Mario Carlos Gomez

78 I did Wirawan; 12 Henhen Herdiana, 4 Bojan Malisic, 6 Tony Sucipto, 32 Victor Igbonefo; 24 Hariono, 7 Atep, 33 O Yn-Kyun, 27 Abdja Abdilah; 14 Agung Mulyadi, 10 Ezechiel N & D; Douassel

Copy backup: 1 M. Natshir Fadhil Mahbuby, 16 Indra Mustafa, 77 Ghozali Muharam Siregar, 23 Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan, 99 Jonathan Bauman, 98 Muchamad Wildan Ramdhani, 37 Muchlis Hadi Ning Syaifulloh

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