Saturday , July 31 2021

Record Ambition Searches, SpaceX Last Evening Spaceet Launch

Jakarta – The Falcon SpaceX 9 rocket should have made a story when it was launched on Monday (11/19). Unfortunately, the launch must be deferred.

The Falcon shell core 9 was previously used in two launch trips this year. This delay launch should be a third mission in one year, the first achievement for the SpaceX's rooted core.

SpaceX also announced this delay through their official Twitter account. However, it was not explained further what caused this delay.

"Efforts to launch SpaceOlight SSO-A: SmallSat Express on Monday was suspended for additional pre-flight checks. On completion, we will confirm the new launch date," SpaceX wrote through its Twitter account, as quoted detikINET from Space, Monday (11/19/2018).

At this launch, Falcon 9 should bring 64 small satellites into an orbit. Previously, the rocket core had launched a Bangabandhu-1 communication satellite for Bangladesh's government in May.

In August, the same core also launched Telkom's satellite rocket Merah Putih.

The success of the Falcon 9 core reuse is three times assuredly a special achievement for SpaceX. Especially considering their priority to cut the cost of traveling on space using rockets being repeatedly achieved. (vim / fyk)

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