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Should Combination 212 be Held?

Acting 212 is an action that starts with a political event in this country. A process for electing the DKI Jakarta Governor in 2016 recorded a history of collecting hundreds of thousands of Muslims at the same time.

It was triggered by a speech by one of the candidates for the then DKI Governor, Basuki Tjahaya Purnama for the Al Maidah letter, verse 3, then the action to protect Islam gets presented to the 212 actions held on December 2, 2017.

Muslim communities from all over the country came to the capital to join in this stage.

Purpose of action 212

What is the purpose of achieving the actions 212?

Not more and do not try to try the blasphemy case conducted by Basuki Tjahaya Purnama (often called Ahok).

It was very strong for the troops who raised the case later into court areas.

Although the actual payments carried out caused many poisoners back and upset but in the end the Panel of Judges chaired by Hakin Dwiarso Budi Santiarto decided that Ahok was guilty of insulting against Islam.

The decision of the panel of judges also has many advantages and disadvantages.

Ahok then endorsed peaceful fans by sending thousands of flowers of flowers into the city hall of Jakarta.

He then took part in winning the candidate Anâr Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno to become the Governor of DKI Jakarta for the period 2017 – 2022.

Which participates take action 212

These actions were followed by various Islamic organizations in Indonesia, but one of them was the leader of the FPI (Front Islamic Defenders), Habib Rizieq Syihab.

Some national figures that also helped to improve these actions included: Amien Rais, Egg Sudjana, Ahmad Dhani, and so on.

Action 1 year 212 flight

He probably did not stop here, the story of the case 212. Despite the demand for court cases until the court decided that Ahok was guilty, it became clear that this group wanted to continue to live and be remembered.

In this effort, the executive group formed a group of Brothers Alumni 212 or often summarized as PA 212.

There are many further beginnings held by alumni of the 212 actions. In regions there are a number of business units created by these alumni using 212 as their business name.

Until the latest is the proposed reunion of actions 212.

The question that then raises is, does this reunion need?

The plan to hold the second renection, is it necessary?

This country, as a large country with the highest range of ethnic groups in the world, provides protection against freedom of expression and opinion.

In the same way as the aspirations of alumni who want a ceremony to commemorate the success of their battle 2 years ago.

However, as an effort that is likely to steal change to a better direction, an alternative mindset needs to be conveyed.

What is the alternative mind?

Of course, an analysis with benefits and disadvantages in all activities.

The next question is whether this 212 reunion will provide more benefits, or even more harm.

Of course, the glasses used should be the eyes of the general public that will also be affected by these activities. Not only the glasses of the organizer, of course, saw the goodness of the event.

Securities that could be created by the plan for reunion 212

1. Add road congestion

Jakarta as a capital city, including a city with a busy agenda. Including mass collection agenda in the form of exhibitions / displays held by city residents.

And what is interesting is that the city is also a city with a high level of congestion.

The high level of congestion makes residents of the city every day spending more time in vehicles than elsewhere.

Due to this high level of congestion, this means that the city actively builds alternative transport facilities.

The aim is one of them to reduce the level of congestion on the roads.

Can you imagine it right?

In order to meet highway needs for daily activities, the streets in Jakarta have been timed with unusual traffic.

Moreover, what if added to mass collecting activities that affect the road?

Will this activity not increase the level of stress of the citizens of Jakarta that is already obviously high due to a jam jam problem?

How many people are affected and will they feel the results?

2. The potential for attackers to cause riots

Congestion is not only rising or higher, security issues are often a concern for residents.

Collecting many people often pose a threat of harassment of security or hard-to-control riots.

And this riot can of course have a negative impact on local residents and event participants.

Especially in front of elections that often give rise to provocateurs, the collection of many people presents its own security threat.

There is no need to collect that it seems to need to be considered again … but you need an alternative, where the activities of collecting many people will certainly not cause negative effects on society.

3. It opens opportunities to increase diversity among religions

As a country with a high diversity as mentioned above, of course, the combination of activities formed due to the issue of insulting, can reinforce the issue of religious differences.

The state-of-the-art religious differences can also be a long conflict that threatens security stability.

Logically, when the guidance for actions has been fulfilled, it will be better if the matter is not raised again.

Especially in the situation that leads to the political year, of course the potential of conflicts could appear in the case of specific interests.

By looking at such conditions, it would be wise if all the parties keep the situation peacefully and quietly. Because that is the proof of love to this country. (*)

(bx / ade / ie / JPR)

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