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Thailand's national team against Indonesia, Garuda 2-4 left Rajamangala

BANGKOK, KOMPAS.com – Thailand was defeated by Thailand with a score of 2-4 in the third AFF Cup B Group 2018 game at Rajamangala Stadium on Saturday (11/17/2018).

He scored two goals from Indonesia from Zulfiandi in the 29 minutes and Fachruddin (89 & 39).

Meanwhile, four Thai goals were scored by Korrakot Wriya-Udomsin in the 38 minutes, Pansa Hemviboon (45 + 2 & 39), Adisak Kraison (65 & 39), to Pokkhao Anan (74 & # 39; ).

These results make Indonesia an opportunity to qualify for the increasingly heavy final finals. Indonesia is now running fourth in the standings with a collection of three points of the three games that have been passed.

In the case of Thailand, he continues on top of the stalls with six points of two games.

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This game runs with moderate tempo tends to be slow in the first round. It was seen that both teams play very carefully and still touch the opponent until the first half.

On the right of the 29 minutes, Zulfiandi completely abolished the Rajamangala Stadium thanks to its beautiful goal.

Using a corner football scheme, Evan Dimas sent a horizontal side to Zulfiandi that stood outside the penalty box.

Zulfiandi got the place to shoot, releasing hard kick straight to the right and Siwarak could not reach.

Score back in the 38 minutes. Korrakot Wriya-Udomsin scored the ecsgais with a beaten chic directly from a corner.

Pansa Hemviboon to Thailand turned on its goal in the 45 minutes + 2. This goal was created after the crisis occurred in front of the Cloud Setho goal.

A Thai 2-1 score lasted for half an hour.

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The game and the game did not change in the second half. After Andik Vermansah was pulled out in the first round, turning Riko Simanjuntak to the right.

The left side was filled by the Hariyadi Febri. At the beginning of the first round, Riko who returned to his original site looked more comfortable playing.

Many times this Jakarta Persija cut makes it difficult for a Thai defense.

Indonesia's backup error was punished with the goal of Adisak Kraison in the minute 65 minutes. The third goal of Thailand was the result of Awan Setho's defeat that led to Thitiphan Puangjan.

Thitiphan looked at Kraison's movements and gave flat solution foods. Then, Kraison drove around to pass Mudrudin before releasing a very hard foot shoe.

Thailand expanded the advantage again in the 74 minutes. Again, Indonesia's back line errors bring fruit to Thailand.

Through the anti-drafting scheme, Pokkhao Anan came away from the Indonesian line line escort from the middle of the field.

When seeing the situation of Awan Setho that had developed, Pokkhao beat the ball and sent it easy to the Indonesian goal.

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There was no change in the strategy made by the Instructor Ffordd Llaethog when it was part 1-4. Changing from the Milky Way tends to be just for refreshments and not for tactics.

Indonesia reduced the weakness in the minute 89. In passing the football corner scheme, Siwarak was unable to reach the Fachruddin heading.

No additional goals created, the 4-2 score to Thailand lasted until the long whistle sounded.

Here is the composition of Indonesian players against Thai:

Thailand: Tedsungnoen 23-Siwarak; 4-Chalermpong Kerdkaew, 6-Pansa Hemviboon, 13-Philip Roller, 24-Korrakot Wriya-Udomsin; 8-Thitiphan Puangjan, 11-Mongkol Thosakrai, 14-Nurul Sriyankem, 17-Tanaboon Kesarat, 29-Sanrawat Dechmitr; 9-Adisak Kraison

Trainer: Milovan Rajevac

Indonesia: 12-Cloud Setho; 3-Alfath Fathier, 16-Fachruddin, 23-Hansamu Yama, 2-Putu Gede; 6-Evan Dimas, 4-Zulfiandi, 10-Stefano Lilipaly; 21-Andik Vermansah, 25-Riko Simanjuntak; 9-Alberto Goncalves

Trainer: The Milky Way

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