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The Police Look For Sheep Used For Types Of Families In Bekasi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Metro Jaya Regional Police used a number of diversifiers to search for the barbar used by Haris Simamora, suspected One family murder in Bekasi, Java West. It was alleged that the barrage had been dropped in the Kalimalang Bekasi area, West Java.

"Resmob Subdir (Sub-Directorate Mobil) and diversified from Polairud (Air and Air Force) will be looking for evidence in the Kalimalang area," said Argo Yuwono's Commissioner for Public Relations (Kabid Humas), on Saturday (11/11) ).

Haris called victims of Dikum Nainggolan (38) and Maya Ambarita (37) using brothers in the victim's house. Then both victims, Sarah Nainggolan (9) and Arya Nainggolan (7) were killed without exception in the neck.

Based on the investigation, he committed murder for delays with the victim. It is often cheated by victims of their family.

"The offenders were harmed because the victims are now managing board houses. We are behind the offenders who have managed these residential homes," said Chief Constable of the Divisional Police Force Jaya police during a press conference at Jaya Regional Police Headquarters, Friday (11/16).

"The offenders are also corrected and often say worthless and so on," he said.

The Police Look For Sheep Used For Types Of Families In BekasiHaris Simamora, who suspects the murder of one family in Bekasi. (CNN Indonesia / Sapphire Makki)

One family murder on Monday (12/11) surprised the inhabitants of Jatirahayu, Pondok Melati, Bekasi. A new event was discovered the next morning when the victim's neighbor saw the victim lying in blood.

After a crime scene, the police immediately trace the traces of those who victimized the victims. After finding the victim's car at a residential school in Cikarang, West Java, the police got information about the person who is doing at Garut, West Java.

The prosecutors were arrested by the police in Garut, Wednesday (11/14). At the time he was resting in the saung when preparing to go up the mountain. In the Haris bag, the police found the key to the car that belonged to the victim it had been abolished. It is known that Haris is the sister of Maya Ambarita, wife Dirum Nainggolan.

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