Saturday , October 16 2021

Today there is a feeling that the US dollar is going crazy …

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia’s financial market did not close compactly in yesterday’s trading. The complex stock price index (JCI) ended in stagnation, while the rupee weakened slightly.

Yesterday JCI closed at 6 109.84. Just like the closing of the previous day’s auction.

The trade was really lively: the volume of transactions involving 23.87 billion units. The frequency of transactions was recorded at 1.39 million times worth 11.52 trillion rupees.

Foreign investors made a net purchase in all markets in the amount of 376.63 billion rubles. Thus, the accumulated net call for foreign investors in 2021 is 24.48 trillion. IDR.

Meanwhile, the rupee to the US dollar closed lower. At the close of the spot market, the US dollar was equivalent to 14,250 rupees, where the rupee weakened slightly by 0.07%.

When the market opened, the rupee was at Rp. 14 210 / SU $. This is the best position for the rupee in yesterday’s auction. Meanwhile, the weakest position of the country’s currency was at 14,258 rupees per US dollar.

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