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Wonderful, shark sharks hide eggs on damaged coral reefs

KOMPAS.com – New scientists discovered a "shark nest" from large sharks in Irish waters. This nest is unusual because the prey fish use cora reefs that are damaged to hide their eggs.

This rare finding was found after researchers carried out a long distance operation to explore the cold waters of Ireland. They roam to a depth of 750 meters.

In these observations, scientists observed the nest that lived in a group of god cats. Blackmouth catsharks itself is one of the sharks found throughout the northeast of the Atlantic.

This species see unattended. They are usually with only sharks and rarely found, funways.

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When observing, no visible shark child was swimming around the setting. However, the researchers acting by the sea lecturer (SeaRover) wanted to record all the events there.

The aim is to watch the shark cushion eggs.

"Sharkbirds are not seen in the setting and it is believed that shark adults could use damaged cora rocks and open carbonate rocks to fit their eggs," said David O Sullivan, chief scientist of SeaRover from The IndependentMonday (11/11/2018).

"(Although it can) cooler reefs of its surroundings can be shelter for shark children once they come in," he added.

O & Sullivan added, further research on the "nest" will answer many important questions about the ecology of water shark in the waters of Ireland.

This rare discovery was published at the INFOMAR Mapping Map Seminar in Consale, Ireland.

"We are pleased that these findings are published at this event, showing the importance of mapping our seaside habitat to understand and manage extensive and valuable marine resources," emphasized O. Sullivan.

"Our data and team continue to make a significant contribution to the use of the richness of the sea," he said.

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