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Hitman 2 is the best James Bond game in years

The rare video game where there's a lot more welcome to the same & # 39; truly.

Y Hitman Franchise is a strange one.

Indeed, it is very funny that those like Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt and Bully have received so many complaints from Helen Lovejoy by the public while Hitman mainly avoided arguments.

The second admission to the series – Hitman 2: Assassin Silent 2002 – came under fire, to a level that included the slaughter of Sikhs within a picture of Harmandir Sahib, a sacred site where hundreds of Sikhs were alarmed in 1984.

Understandably, that section was removed from the game following complaints, but in general, Hitman has been free to walk his murderous path.

Much of it comes down to the charm of the game; A mix of focus on gameplay that is a secret and stunning priority for out-of-the-spot violence and a black-haired streak, who rarely feels too late or occasionally.

As the video summary below shows, Agent 47 has come far from the turn of the century.

Clip through Nick930

As graphics, game machines and technology have evolved, he also has an anti-heroic hero, mael and Hitman barcode.

Agent 47 story is glorious over the top seven games in the top and complex stages but the cliff notes are in this; a gluten has to genetically identify and is intended to be a tool in the long run.

Of course, he's traveling to the world to kill optional targets for a murder agency and it's the best in the world in what he does.

Each new game analyzes the story a little further but it's really secondary to the issue at hand.

Last years have seen some assault in relation to studio and game developers, and so Hitman has gone through a little mill.

Hitman: 2012 was designed in terms of mechanics, feelings and aesthetic, but both restricted what the player was allowed to do and the story was too bad.

In 2016 the replacement button was hit and Hitman was born again. That game was definitely released, whether some argued to sell even damaged if it was running the player to explore all aspects at each new level.

In general, restructuring the series was great, bringing up extensive, detailed maps, playing a game and lots of re-playing in the form of a number of ways to go with your business, different prizes by mastering & # 39; r game and much additional content available.

That brings us to 2018 a Hitman 2.

Clip through HITMAN

For a time, it seemed that Hitman 2 could not happen, but with the IO Interactive developer raised by the publisher Warner Bros. Interactively, it was time for Agent 47 to be deleted again.

As there was little the way of developing games between games and there was general uncertainty in the air, fans and critics were bracing themselves for more and more.

And so it's likely that Hitman 2 has only six other maps that have extra gloss and some new bells and whistles that have been thrown in.

That's what the doctor has ordered, really. It's hardly enough to have more </ one> & # 39; is accepted or even wished in the gaming world, but he's totally working here.

Hitman does not need a brand new game engine yet. In general, it's even smooth with silk when it's full of characters that can not play them, such as the Miami level that takes place during a real-time Formula 1 time race.

Naturally enough, one of its targets is one of the drivers. That level of perfect microscope of what makes Hitman great; A series of clock spaces that require a rigor and patience to conquer.

Once again, as you never can, you can go into each gun, if you want it, but you will probably die quickly while you're losing point too.

Hitman does not want you to do that. Certainly, you'll have an ever expanding arsenal of increasing slic weapons available, but it's basically a Metal Gear Solid if Snake was a contract death.

Hitman 2

When you break it down, Agent 47 is James Bond at all but a name. Hidden, amazing, incredible, incredible, and unusual whip, good at eradicating peasants from the world.

That's what else this series has always revealed; Laughter guys laugh that you should not feel guilty of going out.

Indeed, one mission briefing even comes to the line with the line, "They've come."

So do not feel bad, kids! Agent 47 is doing his work only.

According to the 007 comparison for a second.

Hitman 2 – a predecessor, whose levels slide into this one as a tidy jigsaw piece so you can re-visit the ease and new features of the game – it's Feeling legitimate how a great James Bond video game should be.

Glot trotting adventure, rich character work and a sense of pressure for each shot have fired.

The real joy of Hitman, however, is twofold, and a little bit of a cross.

Hitman 2

A clean hit can take as much as a handful of minutes or two hours (or more, honestly) depending on your strategy.

With so many ways of taking your mission, you can truly play the same map with a number of times and experience different.

The real adrenaline rush comes when you find yourself / your own – notify the Mission Stories & # 39; which, in essence, holds your hand all over – and turns on a series of complex methods to win the day.

If you really give up to an exciting and perfect approach, you'll find the tension getting up until you get to the end.

Afternoon afternoon spending showing one level and only polish in the shadows to do one There is a small mistake and all this has come down from their coverage in a really intense situation.

So, even when it's going to be horrible, it's somehow going very great.

An apparent gameplay is a bonus, but it's really how chi play it Hitman 2 offers a real sense of freedom to the player, one that strengthens the garrotte wire so that the excellence of its sinks is in place.

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