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Love Isle of Maurus to "tell her" to Curtis Twist


Island of love Fans were told that the Irish participant Maura Higgins "will definitely say" after romantic interest, Curtis Pritchard has become part of a new couple on the show ITV.

An exhibition on Thursday saw a newcomer to Francesca Allen with Curtis, with the excluded contestant Marvin Brooks, that Maura prefers to join Chris Taylor.

Francesca had the first choice of night – and chose Curtis

"I feel that Francesca is more of Curtis's type, and I think their novel flourishes," Marvin predicted.

"But it will not be easy, because Maura will definitely talk about it."

Maura earlier expressed an ultimatum about Curtis and Francesca, saying: "If I choose it with a couple and he will still know her, then I swear I'm packing my bags."

Marvin was romantically involved with Maurus at one stage, and after he was away from the ride, he admitted that he "does not know why he disappeared."

Marvin was romantically associated with Maurus at one stage

"We just went our separate ways, and I think it could be because of the problems that Amy and Curtis had, who she is." [Maura] she had eyes, – he continued.

"She gave me the opportunity to come to the villa, and in this restoration she gave someone else an opportunity to contact them."

Current state of affairs:

Francesca with Curtis
Joanna has joined Michael
Anna has joined with Jordan
Moli Mee with Tommy
Belle along with Anton
Amber is combined with Ovie (as friends)
Maura has joined Chris

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