Tuesday , June 15 2021

PM Modi meets Twitter Co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey

Recently, Twitter Chief Executive and Co-founder Jack Dorsey met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During their meeting, both of them discussed the importance of global talks of social media.

After meeting the duo, Jack Dorsey drew pictures that were clicked during their meeting and said, "Thank the First Minister, Narendra Modi for spending time with us. I enjoyed our debate on the importance of global talks. about the ideas for Twitter. Modi replied, Delighted to meet you Jack. Obviously with the passion that you are leading Twitter. I enjoy be on this medium where I have made great friends and I can see creativity among people everyday. "

Jack Dorsey is on his naval trip to India. He met Tibet Dalai Lama's spiritual leader and President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi.

There is a social media platform in Twitter that is widely used in India by a large number of politicians. The politicians engage with the residents and use the platform during their election time.

The company also launched an enterprise of the name & PowerOf18 & # 39; which aims to encourage Indian youth who can contribute to a public debate and take part in civic engagement during the next election season.

Jack Dorsey addressed town town in IIT-Delhi on Monday. Jack asked to check the spread of fake news but he also said there is no solution to stop this problem. Social media platforms have been faced with rumors and the fake news problem on the platforms. Organizations like Facebook and WhatsApp take a number of actions that include sensitive programs across the country.

Dorsey also said, in a number of conversations, that it is very important that we cover the problem because wrong information or false news can create big issues. If there is any misleading content of the people, then it's an organization's work to stop spreading the news, he added.

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