Saturday , July 31 2021

Russ Bray joins a doubt list & Fartgate & # 39; at Grand Slam of Darts, Gary Anderson, Wesley Harms

The players were in the middle of the scandal fartgate & # 39; latest & darts & # 39; claim that they have been rooted, but neither the one wants to admit that they have dealt with them as a third figure.

Gary Anderson's global champion and 34-year-old Wesley Harms opponent plays for a quarter spot at the Grand Slam of Darts on Friday (COAD) with Scot 47 years old blowing off his 10-year-old opponent. 2.

But the "glass odors" were in the back or throw line that made a noise after the game and since then they have created the sport.

In a post-game TV interview, Harms, 34, claimed that his competition in Scotland was responsible for breaking wind on stage.

But Anderson came back, suggesting that Harms was leaving the unpleasant odor.

Now the chairman of the PDC, Barry Hearn, has pushed in, and could even suggest a third party to be responsible for the offensive odors.

"We have to reach this bottom," said Hearn.

Hearn told BBC Sport, the Dart Regulatory Authority can fine or stop players guilty of gaming games or lack of professionalism, before throwing an extra scanner at work.

"I assume that people will wonder if it could blow away to be the art of higher games. Then, (who's Russ Bray's call) was just within a farting distance," said Hearn.

"Something is not a smell right. Nothing is worse than a quiet fart. This could run and run."

Bray has called darts for 22 years and has denied the collapse of the bombshell.

Anderson was strong in his denial when he was addressed by Harms.

"It's definitely coming from the side of the table and it was eggs, hidden eggs, but not from me," Anderson said.

"Every time I walked past there was a worm of rotten eggs so that's why I thought he was.

"Definitely not for me. I thought he had a *** s and that, that's dirty & # 39 ;.

"It was bad. It was scary, then it started to play better and I thought it had to get some wind out.

"If someone has done that, they need to see a doctor. He's pretty much saying he's me but I'll admit it."

Harms believes he has noticed "fragile aroma" on the stage, which he thought he had left by Anderson.

He left the television channel to the Dutch press RTL7, saying: "It'll take me two nights to lose this aroma of nose. We did not know things like this too happen within the CSP (Professional Darts Corporation). "

Hearn said he was a unique position in his experience with professional darts.

"This is the first time I heard about such arguments – almost infectious – an event," he said.

Darts is a serious UK business with the second biggest sports sport on Sky Sports, just behind football, with big shows pulling large numbers.

"On a slightly more serious note, this is a top level competition that includes sports sports skilled – so we have no intention to rename the Grand Slam of Farts event like that some have suggested, "added Hearn.

This is not the first time that sport was created by flatulence.

The former sniper player Bill Werbeniuk left during the World Championship in the Crucible in Sheffield before turning to an elderly woman in the crowd and asked: "Did you?"

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