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Spend too much on Instagram? Here's how to disconnect social media for a while

If you are an iPhone user, you may have noticed that Apple has recently introduced an interesting new feature of the name & Time Time & # 39; which tells you, in minutes and hours, how much time you spend on social media.

Apple Chief Executive The new introduction of Tim Cook was designed to empower smartphones owners to take control control over their use of a phone, but for many of us, it gave a stunning insight into how we hopefully go out. View apps like Instagram and Facebook.


Although it can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family, experts warn that apps too much can stimulate feelings of anxiety, depression depression and low self worth.

Even so, the brilliant thing at all? Research has found that the most you interfere with, the worse the feelings that come.

Probably, it has never been more important to make sure you take regular breaks of your phone, so here, Juliet Hodges, above a behavior change specialist in Bupa UK ( has outlined Her best tips on benefiting well, need to break out of social media.

Set yourself achievable

Start with achievable intentions, says Hodges (Thinkstock / PA)

If the idea of ​​erasing your Instagram account fills you with scary, start with a less scary timetable. "Many people set out unrealistic goals that are too big to stick to and achieve," said Hodges. "The idea of ​​not using social media may never again be scary, and you're more likely to give it up. But if the object is achievable and that you have a time limit Remember, you are more likely to succeed, or even exceed your expectations. "

She thinks Christmas is one of the best times to give the best of social media, because you can commit to the removal work for a short period of time. time, and you'll have a week of holiday to take your comment from your news.

Visit the public


The best way to make sure you're going to exclude? Tell people that you're going off the grid for a while.

"I know it sounds ironically, but tell people that you're going to go away, or if it's # 39 , n suited to you, split it on your social media accounts, "says Hodges. "We want to see that we are acting consistently, especially in front of others, so one way to make sure you do not fall off the wagon is to tell the people around them what you intend to do. "

Avoid temptation

"Studies show that people with the best force are not unusually strong in the face of temptation – they do not stop putting themselves in that situation," reveals Hodges. "It may sound like an incredible step, but consider deleting the social media apps of your phone." As the old man says, out of sight, out of mind.

Know your triggers


Research shows that it is much easier to form new practices when we connect them to activities or triggers that are already happening in our everyday lives.

"Why not use your coffee morning or afternoon morning as times to be completely smooth?" Hodges suggests. "Take a book with you instead, or use it as an opportunity to practice thinking."

Do not beat yourself

Practices are very difficult to break, and most of us fall from the wagon at some point when we try to make changes, but what's important, says Hodges, is how you You handle yourself in those seconds.

"Those who have self-compassion, treating themselves with kindness and understanding when they slip up, are much more likely to be successful in the longer term than those who are" Do not bake themselves for every mistake.

"It's just as important to celebrate your successes. Set your own short-term goals (they could even be everyday goals) and put yourself back on your achievements."

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