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Woman (21) fights for life after falling out of a well-known hotel window in Dublin after row & # 39;

Event: The woman fell from a window at Clarence Hotel. Photo: Douglas O Connor
Event: The woman fell from a window at Clarence Hotel. Photo: Douglas O Connor

A young woman fights over her life after she falls from the well-known second floor window of a hotel in Dublin.

A Gardaí seeks to find out how the 21-year-old victim falls out of the Clarence Hotel window in Temple Bar, which is owned by Bone A2 and Edge members.

A 23-year-old woman has been arrested by investigating officers, and it has also emerged that more than € 5,000 in cash is found in the room by the guards.

It is believed that women, who are Czech nationals, are not tourists but have been working in the capital.

The fall crash happened last Monday, and the wife was given to St James's Hospital where she is still being treated for serious injuries.

It is understood that the couple had booked in a room at the Clarence Hotel before the event.

A Gardaí believes that a row has broken between the two women, before the victim drops or leaps from the second floor of the hotel.

He landed on the concrete land and suffered serious injuries.

The Czech woman was released to St James's Hospital where he continues to be in severe condition in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Officers from the Pearse Street guard station were called out to the scene and later a 23 year old girl was arrested.

Since then, it was released without pay.

Both women are known to each other and are understood to be living in Dublin.

A Garda spokeswoman confirmed that inquiries into the event were continued and a person had been arrested as part of the auditor.

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