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Albion Online: Released a large Percival extension


Sandbox Interactive has been pleased to release Seventh Major Update for Sandbox MMO called Albion Online with Percival Extension.

The new update gives adventurers a randomly created solo dungeon, many new ways to customize and highlight characters and mounting, new mobs, spells and skills, and more.

The next step to the expansion of the open world is Albion Online! Persiwal Brings randomized dungeons to individual players, giving them a unique PvE experience each time they enter. These solo dungeons are located all over the open world Albion and have many challenges and rewards. In addition, adventurers can find special maps that show the way to particularly complex solo dungeons, where not only more sophisticated opponents, but also more valuable robbery.

Further deliveries Persiwal A great new setup system that allows players with dozens of new hairstyles, beards and faces to give their characters more personality. These additional appearance changes can be used during the game during the creation of the character, and later in the new settings mode. A large selection of fasteners for fastening allows you to change the appearance of fastening. Many special fasteners already in the game are transferred to a new skin system. In addition, some new skin variants can be found in the game store.

In addition, new deep creatures Albion crawled to resist fearless adventurers. These newly-developed mobiles have the choice of unknown spells and skills that require players to develop new strategies and tactics. Fortunately, there are also many new spells and abilities for different types of weapons, so the struggle takes place in Russia Albion always fresh and addictive.

Other features and enhancements:

  • Personal expansion bank
  • New variants of 20 and 20 city battles
  • Different chat channels for different languages
  • GvG fights on a crystal plane, even out of season
  • New abbreviations for randomized group dungeons
  • … and more
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