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Eating nuts, legumes, broccoli can reduce the risk of preeclampsia in pregnant women


Sydney: Ladies, please pay attention. Detecting a high-fiber diet may reduce the risk of developing gestosis during pregnancy.

"The simple recommendation" to eat real food, mostly plants and not too much "may be the most effective primary prevention strategy for some of the most serious conditions of our time.

"Intestinal mammalian bacteria and diet appear to be crucial to promoting healthy pregnancy," said Ralph Nanan, a professor at Sydney University.

A study published in the Nature Communications magazine showed that pregnancy and childhood immunity are associated with bacteria in the intestines.

The fiber based on plants is cleaved in the gut by bacteria to factors that affect the immune system. The research team investigated the role of these metabolic products of intestinal bacteria during pregnancy.

Researchers have found that in humans, lower levels of acetate, which are mainly produced by fermentation of fiber in the intestine, are associated with a general and serious disease associated with a re-eclampsia.

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Preeclampsia occurs in up to 10 percent of pregnancies and is characterized by high blood pressure, urine protein, and severe edema in the mother's body.

It also interferes with the baby's immune development while in the womb, with some evidence of an association with higher rates of allergy and autoimmune diseases later in life.

The study showed that pre-eclampsia influenced the development of an important fetal immune organ – a thymus that sits behind the sternum.

It has been found that the fruits of preeclamptic pregnancies are much less thymus than in healthy pregnancy children.

Thymus cells are usually generated – called & # 39; T & # 39; cells, and especially those associated with the prevention of allergies and autoimmune conditions, such as diabetes, also remained lower in children after preeclampsia, even four years after childbirth.

Acetate mechanisms on the developing fetal immune system have been further investigated in separate experiments involving mice that have shown that acetate is a central factor in the development of fetal thymus and cellular cell development.

The results have shown that the promotion of specific intestinal metabolism products during pregnancy can be an effective way to support healthy pregnancy and prevent allergies and autoimmune conditions later.

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