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Governance Under the Upper Protocol

Over 2000 years had elapsed since the Holy Spirit expired specifically to deal with government issues through the Church born in Pentecost for the benefit of the world's nations. Unfortunately, the role and purpose of the Holy Spirit as the ruler of God on earth are largely misunderstood. Yet, from the time of the Old Testament period, the Spirit of God acted through the anointing in teaching government and civil rule, giving wisdom and strength to leaders, providing intellectual ability and advanced knowledge to control nations, and learning how to manage to release the prosperity and peace of the nations. Curiously, the Spirit of the Lord is not given to make religion but to fulfill the protocols of divine government on earth.

A protocol is an appropriate code of conduct, prescribing strict retention, to compile and sign it from government emitters as the basis for a convention or final agreement. One knows the value of government through the quality of its ambassadors and how it coincides with the terms and conditions that it confirms. To represent God's Kingdom on earth, we must present to King's convention, that is, the teachings and instructions given by anointing by the Spirit of God to fulfill the Kingdom's protocols .

Only when we fulfill God's will and purpose as written in the agreement of the Kingdom that God's government is shown on earth. The healing is to restore the conventions of heaven on earth. Jesus carries God's government protocols on his shoulder and exposes them on the ground. But Jesus could not start on the government's mission without leading and empowering the Holy Spirit. Therefore, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, fear of the Lord, counseling, and power and power are functional signs of heavenly protocols that arise from the Spirit of God to serve the highest purpose of government affairs on earth.

Annotated To Become a Government Loss To Nations

In Genesis 49, Jacob blessed his twelve sons before passing. The nation of all Jacob's sons became twelve tribes of Israel. In Deuteronomy 33, Moses gave a blessing to the tribes of Israel. Blessing always has a corresponding responsibility. Through the blessing, all consignments were assigned to fulfill a specific government purpose for the nation of Israel. As a government stone, Israel's twelve trials were given a blueprint for government to Israel. All government stones are called to be highlighted on the ground. Reuben is the firstborn born talking about energy and creating to control the world. Simeon talks to the control of fierce anger and deadly anger to not eat the world with weapons of violence. Levi is a call to dedicate his own life to serve higher demand and purpose in life. Judah is the commander to the position of leadership and kings. Dan Load is the law map and order, opinion, and objective justice to govern a nation. Nafftali speaks to independence as a necessary element of national growth. Gad is the prototype of the fighting warrior to protect and protect our liberty and values. Asher is a symbol of governance to release prosperity and abundance to guarantee happiness and survival. Issachar is the school that provides a nation with a clear sense and direction. Zebulun is the businessman, the financial and marketer guru. Joseph offends all kinds of difficulties to become a great leader. Joseph never loses his entirety despite a corrupt environment. Ephraim is the power to transform difficulties to divine opportunities or to be fertile in the country of affliction. You are the ability to not hide the powers of restrictions of enemies. Benjamin is the passion to seek the energy of God.

Jesus chose 12 pupils to witness the power and authority given to him in order to repeat the same governing order in the world. In Matthew 28:18, Jesus said to his disciples, "All authority was given to me in Heaven and in the earth: in the way my Father sent me, I send you." The choice of twelve stones represents a perfect government, perfect, rule, authority or government power.

The ministry of Jesus and John the Baptist flows into anointing Elijah. Unbelievably enough, a large number of people were trying to push their way to the next Kingdom or God's government when they heard John the Baptist calling the nation to be ready for God's rule. And everyone in Israel was thinking about the correct actions to take to go to the Kingdom of God. Unhappy, John told them to step into governmental responsibilities through the naked clothes and feed the poor: "If you have extra clothes or food, give someone to someone who does not do it; do not cheat any one; be satisfied with your salary ". The government of God has come to a nation when people wear royal clothes instead of caps, citizens are healthy and become immaculate, economic security is provided through well paid jobs and wages fair. There is no place of death in this nation.

When Jesus began his public life, his ministry was flowing on anointing Elijah by being brought back, as the hammer's crowds received bread and fish after too many provisions, joy secured at Canaan's wedding feast , the sick, the blind, according to the lepers and error, the care of the poor, and the freedom given to the addiction. Jesus' ministry was a sign when God's dominion or government reaches a nation, it produces justice. God's government is a government of justice that moves poverty, illnesses, unfair pay and death. Therefore, when a unified leader is responsible for a country, there is justice within such country walls. There is no room for illness, death, hunger, diseases, economic policies that produce national slaves as well as economic prisoners, and ponds of marginalized movements. The choice of 12 pupils was only a sign that their call was a manifestation of God's perfect government protocols to the whole of the nation's areas. The Holy Spirit is the Governor who works to bring these protocols of justice on earth.

It is never enough to emphasize that the Spirit, through the anointing, is given to people who are ready to control and act as government ministers to show heaven protocols on earth. Whenever God gives us His Spirit, it is always due to the needs of other people and nations to comply with heaven protocols. The Spirit will never be given for our self-inclusion or personal reward. King David was anointed to rule a nation. And the uninstaller enables it to execute and fulfill its mandate. The anointing stands for the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit which gives a divine opportunity to fulfill the functions of a designated office of government. Let's look fast at how the Spirit of God is about the government throughout history.

Moses was anointed to become the office of judge, legislator, wise politician leader, skillful, liberator, nation builder, and military strategist. The anointing of Moses moves nations of economic and political slavery to freedom and prosperity by building a nation. Joshua, Moses's successor, flows to anoint his mentor. Deuteronomy 34: 9 testifies to Joshua as a leader who was "in the spirit of wisdom, because Moses had laid his hands on him, so the Israelites ordered him." In Deuteronomy 31: 7-9, Moses complies Joshua as his successor before all Israel said to him: "Be strong and courageous, because you will go with these people into the country … The Lord who goes from & # 39 ; before you: It will be with you, it will not fail you to leave; do not be afraid or be scared ". The union of Joshua is the leadership that joins for bravery and strength in the fight to lead a nation to the victory and security of the country. Samson's anointing flows in the sight of one that overcame and defeats the enemy by supernatural power. Gideon in Penins 6 has anointed to overcome the assault of poverty and to liberate the nation from disorder and captivity to economic oppression. In Critics 4, we will see that Deborah sits in his position as judge for the nation. The Deborah union is a combination of military strategist, judge, prophets, and interconnector over Israel. Esther's anointing enables the situation to influence the influence and courage on behalf of a nation.

In Isaiah 45, King Cyrus is the servant of God, for the purpose. What role is expected of Cyrus' reign? "I will rise Cyrus to fulfill my righteous purpose, and I will be leading its deeds. It will restore my city and free people". The Spirit of God fulfills a three-way order through Cyrus. First, to fulfill the mission of restoring God's city to his former prosperity and peace. Enhanced & restore boom. Cyrus is called to control treasures and wealth hidden in darkness for the benefit of God's people. Secondly, the anointing is to release people from captivity. Injunction eliminates terrorism and threats and gives the best to economic and political oppression. Thirdly, Cyrus has the order to rebuild God's house. The house is where people live and find a shadow. The rebuilding of God's house refers to righteous living protocols that see its manifestation through the complex architecture of a physical building from the base to the roof. Rebellion of a nation speaks to restore righteous living standards for those who call the nation of their home. People must live in cities run by justice, true, fair economic and judicial systems to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Cyrus is a kind of Christ. In Isaiah 9: 4, the anointing of Christ breaks first, theft of economic and political slavery. Secondly, the union brings freedom by raising the heavy burden from the shoulders of God's people. Thirdly, the energetics end up violence, oppressive power, and rule. The government of Christ is based on justice and justice. So people rejoice because they have been restored to their former glory and prosperity.

Eliasity of Elijah moves in the third power of God's oversight and wonder by raising the dead. Elijah's Spirit flows to restore national prosperity and economic security when hunger, drought and hunger threaten the nation. Elijah's anointing challenges leaders of nations to stand against destruction and death forces by building the 12 governmental heads that form national pillars. Indeed, it is certain that a nation that is being undermined by hunger, poverty, famine, and disease, rides on the death of a freedwalk.

The Sixth Form Governance Competence Letter

In Revelation 5: 6, the seven spirits of God are sent out to all the earth to fulfill a divine order. The command of God's government comes through protocols. There are different functional signs of the Spirit of God available to undertake a nationwide government post. They teach us and direct us about protocols that are about the part of God's throne in heaven that must be displayed on the ground. Ultimately, empowering people with wisdom, power, information, counseling protocols, and perhaps counting to establish the government of God or his Kingdom on earth. They represent our documentary letters that present us to the King's court as the sons of God's equipment, mature, compulsory and powerful, because they bear the mark of the signature of the Spirit. Does one have enough power, wisdom, information to prove that he is an author of government? Without the Spirit of God who certifies and certifies our qualifications, we do not have authority and power to release or reveal the Kingdom of God on earth. The Spirit of the Lord leads us for a job, authority, power, and supremacy to bring a divine government of heaven and to confirm it on earth.

Isaiah the prophet gives a description of the shoot arising from Jesse's ruling family. This is the result of the family that is awarded in Jesus and the Spirit of the Lord lives in and approves the Sixth Letter of competence. The function of the anointing as described in Isaiah 11: 1-5 fulfills a governing order. There are six functional notes of the Spirit found in Jesus. "Outside the family of David's family will grow shooting – yes, A new branch that brings forth fruit from the old root And the Spirit of the Lord will lie on it – Spirit of wisdom and understanding, Spirit of the council and & The power, Spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord. "

1) Spirit of knowledge
In Daniel's book, we discover four exiled Hebrew boys, rising to a position of leadership in the Persian kingdom. In order to become official representatives of the Persian empire, these boys must meet the necessary qualifications of the government presented and received by the king. These requirements include knowledge and understanding to represent the Persian empire. However, the Spirit of God gave them an unusual talent to understand all aspects of human literature and wisdom to serve the highest plan far beyond the Persian political ambition. In Daniel 1:20, they are told about them "when the king is consulting them in any matter that demands wisdom and a balanced opinion, he found himself ten times more capable than anyone of the apprentices and chaplainers in his whole kingdom. " By the way, magic, occult information, or astronomy simply take advantage of satanic information for a counsel to govern human affairs.

Among these young boys, God gave an outstanding ability to Daniel and filling in divine knowledge and understanding. I've been filled with a look, good in interpreting dreams, explaining media, and solving difficult problems. Impartially, Daniel came to the royal service to act as a position of leadership on behalf of the Persian king. The spirit of excellence assigns the role of leadership position to serve a nation. The spirit of knowledge is the highest kind of knowledge that acts beyond human abilities. Strong knowledge is human or intellectual knowledge, and hence, here is the lowest information. The highest dimension of knowledge and understanding is spiritual knowledge. In 2 Kings 6:17, the prophet Eliseus of God prayed to open his servant's eyes to gain knowledge beyond the physical world to see that the hill of his or her was filled with horses and fire vehicles ready to fight for them.

John 1: 48 highlights to us this level of knowledge in the spirit. Although Nathanael is approaching meeting Jesus, Jesus does not waste time revealing the true identity of which Nathanael was. After provoking, Nathanael asked Jesus: "How do you know me?" Jesus gave the test that he could see in the spirit before the physical senses could testify to a real manifestation of an incident. Jesus showed him the Spirit of the information that rested on him: "before Philip called you, when you were under the fig, he would see you." Only the Spirit of God can see what human beings can not find with their intellectual knowledge and academic qualifications. We need a measure of divine fine vision to know beyond human constraints and understanding to govern nations.

2) Spirit of wisdom
Wisdom is revealed through different forms, circumstances and expressions. Wisdom is the "know-how" or power to choose the best and highest characters. Here is the ability to devise perfectly perfect to achieve perfect methods. Of course, wisdom does not act without knowing all the facts relevant to any plan or purpose. Wisdom wisdom must be devised when drawing up a plan and the effectiveness that I would carry out. Wisdom could be found in occupational positions, in business, politics, etc. … Bezalel in Exodus 31: 1-5 is one prototype of wisdom in craftsmanship given to serve his country. "I have chosen Bezalel, the son of Uri, grandson of Hur, of the tribe of Judah. ​​I have filled the Spirit of God, giving him wisdom, ability, and great expertise in all kinds of crafts. He is a craftsman's master, Specializes in working with gold, silver and bronze. He has skill in engraving and mounting and carving games. "

In Genesis 39, we see Jose discussing government issues because of the Spirit of God in it. In Potiphar's house, Joseph holds an administrative role to bring success and growth to his master's business. In Pharaoh's house, the wisdom of Joseph gave wisdom to the king's court to fill the nation's state of affairs. Joining Joseff moves national economic shortages into intensity and prosperity. But most importantly, king Solomon is the main demonstration of the Spirit of wisdom that is shown on earth and the point of being recognized as the most wise man who had ever lived on earth. Because of Solomon's wisdom, Israel as a nation becomes prosperous, safe, and is judged by justice. Spirit of wisdom puts us to judge, bring justice to the nation, and restore a civic order and authority on earth. In Luke 1:17, Jesus is told that "He will go ahead of the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn hearts and fathers to children and be dissatisfied with the wisdom of the righteous." People are willing to enter the government of God when they present to divine authority by restoring law and order in a nation by a human authority. We agree to be guided by God when we are led and our obedience to God generates wisdom.

3) The Spirit of Fear of the Lord

The Lord fears nothing to do with some emotional excitement and fall before the Lord. He must do with the inspirational presence of greatness, supremacy, and the mighty God's power. In the presence of God, we are voidless because of the presence of Spirit of fear of the Lord clearly around God's throne. The fear of the Lord directs us how to obey and relate to God's presence, holiness, proximity, respect, honor and justice. The fear of the Lord is about bringing divine order, accountability, honor, and divine respect on earth. Obedience is the direct line that connects an ambassador to government. The ambassador has no personal opinion, but he speaks and says only what his government speaks. That is why it is said about Jesus that he finds his lovely love in enforcing and fulfilling the will of God and sent. Because of the fear of the Lord, we are accountable to whom God is about us and in our everyday interaction with people. The fear of the Lord gives honor to the name of God. Job 28: 28 puts it carefully: "Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil understand." Walking in the Spirit is correlated to obedience to God, justified by we do not introduce the principles of awarding the thorns of the flesh, but rather we are awarded by sacred obedience in the avoidance of sin. Without fear of the Lord, we act without divine order and come back foolishly. Wisdom has been based on the Lord's fear. That is why Psalm 111: 10 suggests that "the fear of the Lord is the foundation of true wisdom. Everyone who obeys his commandments will grow in wisdom." Obedience to God's laws is out of fear the Lord makes us hateful people. "How excited are those who fear the Lord and are beautiful in enforcing his commandments. Their children will be successful everywhere, and a whole generation of godly people will be blessed. They will be rich, and their good deeds will last forever. "Psalm 112: 1

4) The Spirit of Understanding

Spirit of understanding enables us to reveal visions and revelations and to detect and control at the back of the Kingdom. In Ephesians 1: 18, Paul intervenes for believers to gain spiritual understanding. Paul is worried about the believers who go further to the spiritual dimension of knowledge and understanding. That is why he prays for the gift of the Spirit to understand so that the eyes of our understanding could be opened. Our understanding has spiritual eyes. Revelation 3:18 recommends an eye-brother to anoint our eyes to see. Information alone is not enough, we need an understanding to maintain and maintain what we achieve. Indeed, Proverb 3:19 emphasizes that "the Lord has established the earth by wisdom and establishing the heavens by understanding". We do not understand whatever we achieve, sit on sink land. A divine understanding gives us the ability to see beyond the temporary deed of creativity and fulfillment to fit into advanced purpose.

5) Spirit of Counsel
The counsel refers to the idea of ​​steering to prevent speculation from the course. The counsel of the counsel tells us how to take advice from heaven to solve problems and bring down divine instructions on earth. It helps us to stay on the right track. As such, this advice must relate to an overwhelming knowledge of God's will, personal instructions, warnings, instructions or options to take a certain position. As Isaiah 44: 26 reminds us: "I am the Lord who confirms his word and fulfills his messages." The role of the counselor's Spirit is to advise, guide and help us. King David's 2 Samuel 7 had planned to build a Temple for the Lord. However, Nathan sent the prophet to resolve him from taking this planning course. In the plans of God, son of David, Solomon, would be the one to build God's house. God's ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Likewise, we will see in Romans 1:10 how Paul had planned several times to go on a trip to Rome, but the Spirit stopped him. The spirit of the counsel impeded Paul from going to Rome right now. In Acts 16: 67, the Holy Spirit stopped Paul from preaching the gospel in Asia. In the Macedonian vision, Paul was instructed to bring the Word quickly from Asia to Europe.

6) The spirit of the potential and the power

The term "geburah" in Hebrew refers to power, perhaps, strength, mastery, power. Spirit could strengthen us in a position of supremacy so that we will not waive during difficult circumstances and continue to be moving away. Spirit can help us to reveal God's power and dominance on earth. Salary war is impossible in the spirit without the Spirit and power to be equipped. The Spirit of the potential and power enables us to take our seat as God's controller and government ministers on earth. In Penins 13: 25, we see Samson showing supernatural potential and power beyond human strength because of anointing the Spirit of power on it. Acts 10: 38 clearly coincide with the power that acts through Jesus' ministry with the presence of breathing and Spirit. Jesus was able to act miracles and raise up the dead because of the Holy Spirit. "And you know that God anointed Jesus from Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. Then Jesus went around well and healed all those ordered by the devil, because God was with him."

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