Tuesday , June 15 2021

PressTV-Israel forces are injured by several journalists in West Bank

A host of Palestinian and international journalists have been injured by Israeli forces in the Western Bank, where they protested the violence of the Tel Aviv system against the members of the press in the occupation territories.

Israeli forces have fired gas dispersed to distribute journalists gathered in Qalandiya's verification period to the north of Jerusalem al-Quds on Saturday afternoons.

The Nasser Abu Bakr's Palestinian Journalists' Syndication was among the injured.

Abu Bakr asked that those who committed violence against journalists were held liable.

He said international journalists, including members of the International Federation of Journalists and the Arab Federation of Journalists also took part in the protest.

Since the beginning of the current year, he said, about 7,000 crimes and assault against Palestinians were recorded by Israeli troops.

A Palestinian journalist, seated, has suffered a serious gas disorders as Israeli forces refusal to ride a peaceful anti-occupation in mid West Bank on November 17, 2018. (By Palestine's Palestinian News Agency)

Palestinian journalists Ahmad AbuA Hussein and Yasser Murtaja had fallen into tone wounds against Israel earlier this year, covering anti-occupation protests along the boundary between the Gaza Strip under supervision and land of occupation.

Thus, Tel Aviv has been looking for a lack of media on the criminal acts of its soldiers, with Israel's cabinet ministers authorizing a controversial bill in mid-June that would be offending to film certain military activities.

Under the proposed legislation, those found will be photographing, recording or filming Israeli troops "with the intention to undermine the" army "spirit to account for five years' imprisonment" and "# 39; "Those who intend to harm" Israel's security could be given 10 years in prison.

The bill, which was scored widely as an assault on the freedom of the media, requires several parliamentary ballot to become law.

In recent months, the Israeli troops have been captured on cameras often killing Palestinians, with the online crash videos and military condemnation of the system.

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