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Alexander Zverev, who is the phenomenon of the new generation of tennis

A victory that can open a new era. That's Aleksander Zverev at Atp Finals in London is one of those achievements that have been considered for sport as a whole. Germany's talent is the final 6-4 6-3 world beat 1 Novak Djokovic. And given the age gap, many are willing to bet that Zverev can open a generation cycle to succeed during the "Four Four" era, the unambiguous managers of the last three decades of a tennis.

The winner in London

He paid the French newspaper, Lipera, a tribute to Zverev (currently 4 in the world), and renamed him as "Alexander the Great." His victory was a clear one. The 21st birthday Zverev was the youngest winner in the last decade of the ATP Finals, after defeating Novak Djokovic in the final and Roger Federer refused in the final, the Serb was not lost for at least six months after won 35 of the last 37 games, Zverev, who won the fourth season title, became German first to have his hands on the final tournament of the season for over 20 years (last winner was Boris Becker in 1995.) He was surprised by a play level, solid at the bottom of the field, a catalyst in taking advantage of his opportunities, drawing the Serbian service four times in 10 games and took home a $ 2.5 million prize prize.

Who is Zverev?

Aleksandr Aleksandrovič Zverev, German at Alexander, was born in Hamburg on April 20, 1997. Alexander Vita's senior son Mario Mikhailovic and Irina Zvereva, two former Soviet tennis players, raised the legend of Roger Federer. Earlier, he won the opening of the young Australia in 2014 but already in 2011 he started playing games from the circuit. In November 2012, he reached the first professional final in Bradenton Open. In 2014, when he was 17, Sparkassen Open won a challenging tournament. At the ATP level he won his first game in Hamburg in 2014. Then in 2016 he took part in his first ATP final in Nice and then won the opening in St Petersburg, winning his first career tournament. In 2017 it was repeatedly won the Montpellier tournaments, the Open Open of BMW in Munich and above all the Internazionali di Roma, a success that allowed him to enter for the first time in the top ten ATPs. He is still winning in Washington and Montreal and finds him as a new record in the ATP final by number 3 in the world, and his best position to date in his career. In 2018 he won the tournament again in Madrid, Washington, Munich before the success in London.

The episode inconvenient with idol

Immediately after the London final against his childhood second Roger Federer, Zverev was sprayed by the audience for a suspicious episode. During the break of the second set, in an exchange that could be unfavorable to Germany, he asked to repeat the point because a ball had been dismissed by a ball boy behind the competitive tennis player. The judge judge chaired Zverev the point. He then apologized to Switzerland and the public. But at the press conference, Federer himself explained that what happened was part of the dynamics of the game and there was nothing to apologize.

Now the Slam is missing

For the definitive dedication, Zverev will now have to repeat himself in Slam, which has always been fenced at all times. In the four main tournaments in the scoreboard, in fact, Germany has the best result of a final quarter in the Roland Garros in 2018. But there is a lot of certainty about the future of talent and preestestin that combines skills physical (198 cm in height) to personality is very ambitious. And not to lose anything, he has also hired a tennis legend like Ivan Lendl as a coach. An already apparent movement has given its first results.

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