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Brazil-Uruguay 1-0, Neymar decides on a penalty

Neymar winning triumph. EPA

Neymar winning triumph. EPA

Brazil wins by measuring after a balanced challenge. To decide on the South American derby with Uruguay, who did not challenge Seleao in friendly since 1995, a half-hour penalty of the recovery of Neymar, the result of a penalty that provoked the anger and protests of Suarez and his companion. Having fostered the soldiers of "Italians" in the field, seven in each of the six holders. Also to be the first first record of the Neapolitan Allan, Renato Augusto replaced the quarter an hour recovery and dropped straight to the game climate and secured the usual dynamics.

"ITALIANS" are fine – –
At the Emirates Stadium, two teams were challenged to cope with experiments, also thanks to the long list of injuries and was not available. On the one hand, Tite's Brazil, who tried 30 players in the four previous friends and, without Casemiro and Coutinho, had launched among the owners of Arthur and Walace with good results. On the other hand, Uruguay from Tabarez, who had to give up to 11 well-known faces, including the central Godin and Gimenez, but Suarez (among the best) and mid-mids had good answers, where he was Bentancur and Nec are worthwhile. Of the six "Italians" in the field of the first minute, he has also calculated Milan Laxalt, well to include the Douglas Costa rugby tears before unfortunately interrupting the recovery that has provoked the rigidity of the Seleao. The outside Bianconer (who has been reset at 67%) has the most troubled, also punished by a Brazilian game that has taken advantage of the small bands.

The density has existed over the show, a witness to the eight yellow cards distributed by the referee for excessive competition. At the level of the game, however, Brazil is much better, master of the field especially during the first half hour thanks to high pressure and the ball's movement quickly. But Seleao did not go beyond an incredible penalty and Neymar was dangerously addicted, and this time was too busy to look for the effect. Instead, Celeste has changed equipment in the second half and, after the first time too defensive, where he has built two good opportunities with Suarez and Cavani, he has raised the center of gravity looking for the nod with the Pistolero. Then, the last time in quarter an hour after the end, thanks to Laxalt's break record on Danilo punishing the penalty: at where and where Neymar was introduced, which had unlocked Cold Campana signing & # 39; r 60 national seals, six in less than Zico ranked third in the value of the most common green gold green best.

ALL – –
Allan said on the victory of SporTV microphones: "I'm very happy for the first time and I hope I have convinced Tite. I was a special evening for me to see from the stalls my family was all. My first shirt will give it to my wife, the second for my mother ".

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