Monday , July 26 2021

Cecchi Paone, incredible revelation about the former

Alessandro Cecchi Paone, the television teacher, one of the most controversial characters of Big Brother Vip 3, told Silvia Toffanin, "Verissimo" presenter, his experience in the reality show: "I'm warned authors that I would not have saved ".

Alessandro Cecchi Paone has closed the circle and made peace with Big Brother who sent so tired 16 years ago. In "Verissimo" he meets Fabio Basile and promises: "We both have explained and apologized to Le Donatella because he asked me, a wonderful boy". Cecchi Paone smokes the past: "My girlfriend was born to a culture reading Mickey Mouse. I was not nervous, I spent my homework and copied whoever wanted to learn. I've always wanted be a journalist ". The GFVip house has had a therapeutic effect on the analyst: "I never heard the TV, it happened to me there for the first time. I deny remember the mother's father because he is & # 39; The only one I understand for me since I was a child, the little lord called me and he hit it extremely lovely. With a cute Checco, we talked a lot, I went to visit him every day , I was very ill and I'm keeping the company for him ".

Alessandro Cecchi Paone was married to Cristina, a beautiful Spanish girl, but the story came to an end when I realized he was homosexual and fell in love with his dear friend: "She and she is the most important girl in my life. Look with the new peers, it's coming to see me here and I go to Spain. It's over because I've fallen in love with a dear friend to me. Having realized that who fought, I told her, she revealed almost immediately. After three very difficult years, however, we found ourselves because nobody had cheated anyone, no-one It was bad because love ended and we lost ourselves in that form. She would have been the best of mothers, but she did not have this instinct. I did not become parents I love my children and my children ".

Toffanin puts her about Big Brother Vip where she was aggressive, uncomfortable, angry, controversial, snooty, but at least he kept his competitors alive. Cecchi Paone reveals: "I have warned me to go to Big Brother and not for a good trip, I was, rather extreme, because the psychological pressure was scary, but I was Yes. I confirm everything: young people who are not studying in a generation and a lost danger that do not have a good job and a nice house, I am convinced that education is fundamental. With Walter Nudo, we remembered that when a child is They are in America, they are ringing money to college. Without education, you're not going anywhere. What mistakes did I do too in tone in some situations. Sometimes I was I'm a bit nervous because I never slept with 18 people and only used one bathroom and then I ate a lot of cabbage, photon and rice! "

The journalist who has embedded the role of the provocateur is not perfectly losing balance on the next elimination between Lory Del Santo and Ivan Cattaneo: "I try to answer, with Lory I have established a good relationship, she & A beautiful girl, I did not want her to come in not for moral reasons but because I did not think she did it well. But he told me I hope to go out as late as possible because when I go out I will suffer as a dog. So I hope that it does not come out. VIP that has not yet come to an eye? Stefano Room, a very sweet boy and a father of great sensitivity ".

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